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Web3 terms you should know

CEX: Centralized Exchange
DEX: Decentralized Exchange
DEFI: Decentralized finance
CEFI: Centralized finance
DAOS: Decentralized Autonomous Organization
DApps: Decentralized Applications
TVL: Total Value Locked
PoW: Proof of Work
PoS: Proof of Stake
APY: Annual percentage yield
IR: Interest Rate

NFT: Non Fungible Token
DYOR: Do your own research
NFA: Not Financial Advice
BTFD: Buy the fucking dip
Wagmi: We are gonna make it
KYC: Know Your Customer
P2P: Peer To Peer
FUD: fear, uncertainly, doubt
FOMO: fear of missing out

ATH: all time High
ATL: all time Low
TF: Time Frame
HTF: higher time Frame
LTF: lower time Frame
ST: short term
LT: long term
IT: Intermediate Term
SL: Stop Loss
TL: Trend Line
WR: Win Rate

R/R: Risk/Reward
BE: Break Even
TP: Take Profit
TA: Technical Analysis (or AT)

FA: Fundamental Analysis (or AF)
EW: Elliott Waves
SMC: Smart money concept
PA: Price Action

VSA: Volume Spread Analysis
PDH: Previous Day High
PDL: Previous Day Low
PWH: Previous Week High
PWL: Previous Week Low
PMH: Previous Month High
PML: Previous Month Low
EQH: Equal Highs
EQL: Equal Lows
HH: Higher High
HL: Higher Low
LH: Lower High
LL: Lower Low

HTF: Higher Time Frame
RN: Round Numbers
OSOK: One Shot One Kill
BMS: Break in Market
OB: Order Block
BR: Breaker
MB: Mitigation Block
RB: Reclaimed Block-Rejection Block
PB: Propulsion Block
VB: Vacuum Block
FVG: Fair Value Gap
LV: Liquidity Void
LP:Liquidity Pool

CL: Candy Land
CPR: Central Pivot Range
BISI: Buy Side Imbalance Sell Side Inefficiency
SIBI: Sell Side Imbalance Buy Side Inefficiency
OF: Order Flow
AD: Accumulation y/o Distribution
AMD: Accumulation, Manipulation and Distribution
OHLC: Open, High, Low and Close

IRL: Internal Range Liquidity
ERL: External Range Liquidity
Fib: Fibonacci
OTE: Optimal Trade Entry
FV: Fair Value
SMT: Smart Money Tool / Technique
IOF: Institutional Order Flow
TS: Trailing Stop
KZ: Kill Zone
AR: Automatic Rally
ST: Secondary Test
SC: Selling Climax

BC: Buying Climax
BUEC: Backup to the edge of the creek
LPS: Last Point of Support
TR: Trading Range
JAC: Cross or Jump the creek
SOS: Sign of Strength
E/R: Effort versus Result
PS: Preliminary Supply
SOW: Sign of Weakness
LPSY: Last Point Of Supply

C/E: Law of Cause and Effect
S/E: Law of Supply & Demand
UTAD: Upthrust After Distribution
UT: Upthrust

✨ Let's learn the terms mostly mentioned on the web3!

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