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From TDD to DDD: Building a .NET Core Web API - Part 4

lucianopereira86 profile image LUCIANO DE SOUSA PEREIRA ・2 min read

The complete project can be found here:


Post User • Fact

Refactor Step

We will concentrate the database operations inside a repository class for the user entity.

Firstly, modify the "Fact_PostUser" method like this:

public void Fact_PostUser()
    // EXAMPLE
    var user = new User(0, "LUCIANO PEREIRA", 33, true);

    user = new UserRepository(ctx).Post(user);

    // ASSERT
    Assert.Equal(1, user.Id);

As you can see, it must be created a "UserRepository" class with a "Post" method that must execute that same operations from before.

Inside the Infra project, create another file inside the "Repositories" folder named "UserRepository.cs" with the following code:

using CRUD_NETCore_TDD.Infra.Models;

namespace CRUD_NETCore_TDD.Infra.Repositories
    public class UserRepository
        private readonly MyContext ctx;
        public UserRepository(MyContext ctx)
            this.ctx = ctx;
        public User Post(User user)
            return user;

Just import the "UserRepository" class inside the "PostUserTest" file and it will compile.

Run the test again:


Our refactoring is complete!

If you have followed the instructions faithfully until here, then your project must be like this:



We are still far from finishing the POST tests. It's necessary to validate the user attributes before persist them in the database, so let's create our first Theory.

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