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Luca Caputo
Luca Caputo

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I made my new awesome game for play store

It's very funny, I hope you like it and in case you can review positively.
If you have any suggestions for me, they are welcome.
Thank you :)

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Hauke T. • Edited

I checked your github profile and found the repo for this game. Also that it is on github pages.
I'd really like to read an article on what to do if you want to publish an SPA in the playstore. Is the App usable if you are offline?

BTW: I published an MVP of my first game today:

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Luca Caputo

the code on github is sadly downplayed due to people trying to annoy me with my other apps in the past.
However, to publish it I used kodular which basically converts your site into an app.

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