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Louai Boumediene
Louai Boumediene

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Embarking on my Back-end Journey: The Intent Behind this Blog


Let me take you back to when the world seemed upside down during the late 2020s, with the coronavirus causing chaos everywhere. At 17, I dipped my toes into the world of coding. I started with the very basics of Python, making simple apps and games that brought me joy, even though I didn't fully understand what I was doing.

As time went on, I explored different parts of the tech world. From making apps for Android using Java, to trying my hand at creating games using C# and Unity 3D, to learning the very basics of ethical hacking and cyber security.

I bounced around a lot, but never really understood anything in depth. Until something clicked when I discovered web development. The idea of how everything is connected online fascinated me. So, I committed to focusing on web development and started learning the basics of the web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Gone were the days of blindly copying tutorials. I began to understand the stuff I was working with. By the time I turned 19, I'd learned a lot. I got better at planning my studies, finding resources online, and fixing problems I ran into. I had some level of proficiency in web development that I was able to build simple full-stack web app using React, Express, and MongoDB. I built a solid portfolio as a junior developer with a couple of acceptable projects that proved my solid understanding of how different web components are connected together (Front-end + Back-end + Database). Not too much though, but enough to land my first job as a junior back-end developer in January 2024 at age of 20, nearly three years since I wrote my first line of code.

I ran through a lot more than the mentioned above, like having at some point of time two published apps on the Play Store, with more than 250,000+ downloads on both of them, but sad enough I got my Google Play Console account terminated due to a few stupid mistakes I did. The latter was too hard, but I made my way through it after some time, and eventually, it was what led to a huge shift both mentally and career-wise, from Android to web development.

The most significant lesson gleaned from my journey thus far is:

"Learning a bit of everything may kickstart your journey and provide a broad overview of the various puzzle pieces around you, but it will never propel you far."

After commencing my current role as a back-end developer, surrounded by intelligent, talented, and humble colleagues, this lesson evolved into:

"Strive to understand a bit of everything and everything about one thing."

And that one thing I am committed to mastering is back-end engineering.

Why I'm starting this blog series

One of the most frequent pieces of advice I've heard from countless people in the community is to "learn in public," and that's precisely what I aim to do from now on. While I'm not entirely new to backend development, I've come to realize that I've never truly understood what backend development entails. This realization has sparked a curiosity within me, prompting me to delve deeper into the world of backend engineering.

This blog series isn't intended to be educational in the traditional sense. Instead, it's a documentation of my personal journey in back-end engineering over the next six months.

The Path Ahead

Over the next six months, I'll be embarking on a weekly blogging journey, sharing insights and discoveries from my ongoing exploration of back-end engineering. Each blog post will offer a glimpse into my journey, focusing on what I've learned, researched, and worked on during the previous week. As I navigate through the vast landscape of back-end technologies, my blog posts will primarily fall into the following categories:

Lessons and Takeaways

From time to time, I'll delve into non-technical topics, sharing valuable lessons and takeaways gleaned from my experiences along the way. These reflections will offer insights into the broader aspects of personal and professional growth.

Learning Core Back-end Technologies

My learning journey will revolve around mastering core back-end technologies, one step at a time. Whether it's communication protocols, databases, messaging systems, or data structures and algorithms, I'll dive deep into each topic, unraveling its complexities and uncovering its practical applications.

Learning & Research

In this phase, I'll immerse myself in the fundamentals of each topic, striving to grasp the underlying theories and principles. For example, when exploring databases, I won't dive straight into specific systems like Postgres or MongoDB. Instead, I'll lay the groundwork by delving into the broader concepts of database management, understanding their significance and functionality.

Learning Applications of the Topic

Building upon my theoretical understanding, I'll then shift gears to explore real-world applications of the topic at hand. Using databases as an example, I'll delve into the intricacies of systems like Postgres and MongoDB, examining their features, use cases, and best practices.


Finally, armed with newfound knowledge, I'll put theory into practice by embarking on hands-on implementation projects. For instance, following our exploration of databases, I might undertake the challenge of building a CRUD application using Postgres or MongoDB. Alternatively, I might push the boundaries further by creating a simplified version of a database system from scratch, utilizing my understanding of low-level implementation and algorithms.

Through this structured approach, I aim to not only deepen my understanding of back-end technologies but also to share my insights and experiences with fellow learners and enthusiasts. Together, let's embark on this exciting journey of discovery and growth in the realm of back-end engineering.


As I finish up telling you about my journey into back-end stuff, I'm pretty excited about what's next. From being a total beginner to starting to figure out back-end stuff, I've learned a lot.

In this blog series, I'm gonna share what I learn, the problems I face, and the cool stuff I discover as I dive into backend engineering. We'll talk about important stuff and how it works in real life.

So, come along with me on this adventure as we explore backend stuff together. We'll learn, grow, and have fun, all while figuring out this tech world.

Here's to the journey ahead, full of new things to learn and explore. Let's keep going together!

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Seif elddine

Than you for this article I have enjoyed

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ines Hocine

hi there ! it's honestly motivating and so inspiring to see your journey , i might as well follow your advice concerning public learning , best of luck buddy !

houdabenkhelif profile image

sharing your journey with people and not just showing that " Oh I'm cool and I know a lot " is something really helping so people can go with u step by step , keep going 👌

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Louai Boumediene

Good luck my self, I'll be always in your back, till the end