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Internal Code Review -2 & 3

Continuing my code reviewing, in the same repository as before I another issue popped up and being the person that I am, I took a shot at it.


No. 2:
I will be honest, I had quite the issue with this one, because there was not much that I could see wrong with the code. Even when running ESLint through I couldn't see much. I had a couple issues when trying to run the server because I thought be had to build a template, but that wasn't the case.

After consulting with the author, apparently all I had to do was npm install and npm run start. So after doing that the server runs successfully. What I initially saw was that the list of data types within the drop in box was being cut off. But there was no documentation on how to modify the values of the box. Even trying to modify his css file did not work, so there was no real way of making the box bigger or modifying the dimensions of the text.

List of data types being cut off

No. 3:
My Final code review was also in the same repository. There was not much code, but it from what I saw there was an issue that was pointed out in my code, so I thought I would recommend to them as well. Instead of importing from a CDN, they would import it from node_modules instead. because importing from an HTTP is still considered experimental according to the node.js documentation.
You can read more on it here.


Overall, I enjoyed this part of the assignment because it allowed me to review and check other students' code while also providing me with real-world experience with reviewing pull requests. The process of reviewing a pull request is critical because it ensures that only the best code is pushed into the main branch.

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