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Episode 24/15: Wiz behind the curtain, Copilot in VSCode

Jatin Ramanathan gave an insight into the Wiz framework which merges with Angular. John Papa about the current possibilities of Copilot in VSCode.

Wiz behind the curtain

Jatin Ramanathan is not so well-known in the Angular community, but he is the core maintainer of Google's Wiz framework, which lately announced to merge with Angular. Jatin was a guest at Ryan Carniato's stream, and he explained how Wiz works.

The stream started with explaining Wiz's model by using the most famous Wiz application, namely Google's search.

In short, one gets the impression that Wiz is server-side rendering first and JavaScript on the client, compared to Angular, feels like an afterthought.

Ryan is the author of SolidJs, a frontend framework, so their discussion was both abstract and deep-dive.

The discussion lasted 2,5 hours, but it gives an idea of where Angular might be going.

Copilot in VSCode

We all know that AI already plays an important role in software development. John Papa, from Microsoft, gave a talk at ng-conf about using Copilot in VSCode. The recording is now available on YouTube.

It was a walkthrough of all the different options, the security measures Copilot takes internally, and the fact that AI is mainly about a new developer experience and will not replace us.

John also acknowledges that you must expect the code produced to be not bulletproof. So don't just copy and paste it.

Interactive Angular Compiler

Matthieu Riegler published an interactive Angular compiler website. It shows the compiled code for a given component code. If you are interested in the internals, have a look at it.

"Developer Preview" vs. "Experimental Mode"

And we finally have a written definition that explains the terms "Developer Preview" and "Experimental". As already said very often, developer preview is quite stable, but be careful with experimental features (because they are experimental)

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