Learn How to Learn to Code (part 2)

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More about Diffuse and Focus Mode

To have new ideas and resolve problems is crucial not only concentrate at the beginning, if not as well leave to have attention to what we are learning. I know it is strange and could sound not appropriate, but you will understand when to do it and why it is essential.

For the most, the change between diffuse mode and focus mode occurs naturally, when getting distracted and leaves past a small-time.
Walk, going to the gym o any activity that liberates the conscient brain part. This can take even hours(if don't use specific tips) o what I like to call BDW, Bed, Drive, Walk (this differs for each person) but basically any relaxing activity than help you start your autonomous mode(more about this soon).

Maybe after that relaxing session, you may see how quick and easy the solution appears, of course, not without a previous work in focus mode.
That "EUREKA" moment is one of the small pleasures of life(at least for me).

But don't expect that walking, going to the gym, or sleeping to teach you something. It is the alternation between both modes that will finally give you the expected result.

To maximize your learning, do small study sessions instead of long and tedious ones, even when you are resting o doing other things your diffuse mode is still working in what you were concentrating/studying. Don't worry if you think you are never in that mode. Everyone does; It is the default mode of the brain.

Making a simile between study and the gym, lifting weight all day is not going to help you to grow your muscles, as those muscles need time and rest between sessions to develop bigger and stronger in a long way. The persistence in time is the key to everything!

brain with chains

General triggers of the diffuse mode:

  • Go to the gym.
  • Play football, basket or any similar sport.
  • Run, walk, swim.
  • Dance.
  • Go by car or public transport (driving or as a passenger).
  • Draw or paint.
  • Have a shower or bath.
  • Listen to music, especially instrumental
  • Play songs that you know well.
  • Meditate or pray.
  • Sleep (the diffuse mode definitive!)

Other general triggers of the diffuse mode to use with caution or as a reward(max 10 min). Because it can take you to a new focus mode.

  • Play videogames.
  • Surf the web.
  • Talk/messaging friends.
  • Read a book.
  • Watch Tv.
  • Help others in a simple problem (in my case help my daughter with homework.. the easy ones Jajaja).

Do not compare yourself with others; take the time that you need to understand the new concepts. If you want to put yourself at the same level of others, you won't dedicate enough time to dominate the matter, and you will finish even more lagging, or simply you will finish leaving because of your frustration and the feeling that you are not good at this.

Everyone has its own pace!


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