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X-Algorithm 2024

X/Twitter, with 368 million monthly active users, relies on a sophisticated algorithm to curate personalised timelines. How this algorithm really works in 2024?

First of all lets see why it matters?
The Twitter algorithm enhances user experience by showcasing relevant content and supports Twitter's monetisation strategy through targeted ads. Plus if you want that your content gets higher reach you need to know how it really works.

The Twitter Recommendation Algorithm:

Candidate Sources:
In-Network Source: Uses tweets from accounts you follow, ranking them based on your interactions.
Out-of-Network Sources: Draws from news events, trending topics, and signals unrelated to your interactions, adding diversity to your timeline.

Personalization takes centre stage, focusing on user engagement, recency, relationships between users, and historical interactions with similar content.

Heuristics: Rules that filter out content, reducing spam or duplicate information.

Filters: Manage content quality by sifting out hate speech or misinformation.

Product Features: Features like "Topics" align content with user-selected interests, influencing the recommendation algorithm.

Mixing and Serving: Blends different types of content to create an engaging and diverse feed, considering server load, content delivery networks, and real-time adjustments based on user interaction.

Impact of the Algorithm:

On Users:
The algorithm significantly shapes user experience by curating personalised timelines. While it enhances enjoyment by showing relevant content, some find it unpredictable and potentially reinforcing existing biases.

On Advertisers:
Advertisers benefit from targeted engagement, reaching audiences more likely to interact with their content. However, strategic targeting and content creation become crucial to navigate potential ad fatigue.

How to get Higher Reach?

Experiment with Content:
Be dynamic with your content. Experiment with multimedia like infographics, flowcharts, and HD videos to captivate your audience. Visuals are key to grabbing attention and enhancing engagement.

Use Infographics and Flowcharts:
Visual content is more appealing and easier to digest. Infographics and flowcharts can simplify complex information and make your tweets stand out in the timeline.

Invest in Twitter Blue:
Consider investing in Twitter Blue, as it may result in Twitter recommending your content to a wider audience. It's a strategic move that could boost your visibility on the platform.

HD Videos for More Users:
Incorporate high-definition videos into your content strategy. HD videos not only enhance the visual appeal but can also attract more users to engage with your tweets.

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