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Joao L.
Joao L.

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Introducing the first JS13K Games Community Soundtrack

The best games all have something in common: great soundtracks.
But I'm sure I don't need to tell you that great game soundtracks don't need big budget philharmonic compositions to e fun experiences. In fact, many fun games have simple tunes created in Javascript using a myriad of tools, or even programmed by hand directly using the Web Audio API.

Despite the tough size constraints, the top games in JS13K wouldn't reach the top if they didn't also get top marks in the audio category. Some of the games offered complex, dynamic, and catchy soundtracks that seamlessly blended with the gameplay.

This year our community decided to extend our cooperation a bit longer. We're banding together to collect these tunes and create the first ever JS13K Games Community Soundtrack.

Playlist in Bandcamp

Join the project

Did you participate in this year's competition? Has your game included a melody that deserves to be heard on loop? I'd like to invite you to join us over on slack to join our group and share your music. If you need help extracting or recording your music, you'll find some helping hands on slack too.

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