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How is Unity the Best Game Development Platform?


Unity is one of the most famous cross-platform game development platforms globally. It has a vast community where beginners and experienced users share information and ideas. In addition, it is used to build more than half of all mobile apps.

But what makes Unity the best game development platform?

Its developers, Nicholas Francis, David Helgeson, and Joachim Ante, aimed to build software that fulfills the needs of the developer and provide an excellent game engine to the users.

Let us understand the important aspects of unity that make it one of the best game engines available!

Quick Highlights of Unity

  1. It has one of the biggest communities all across the globe.
  2. The game engine has features in every release that improve functionality overall.
  3. It is extremely easy to learn.
  4. There are plenty of ready-to-use solutions and assets.
  5. Actively supports mobile devices, PCs, consoles, and mobile devices.
  6. The top 34% of free mobile games available on the App Store and play store are developed by Unity.
  7. This gaming platform has helped build games for approximately 500+ million globally.

7 Reasons Why is Unity the Best Game Development Platform

1. Best multiplatform game engine

Unity supports multiple platforms such as PC, console, AR/VR, and mobile devices. Therefore, this integration across major platforms provides comfort to the user.
However, initially, it was only released for macOS X, but at present, it supports more than 25 platforms.

a. For Consoles

Unity offers various resources to provide extra features and platform-specific build modules to users with consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, etc).

b. For mobile game development

Top 1000 mobile games available on Google Play and Apple App Store are backed by unity. It helps to build stunning games with excellent visuals and graphics for the users to have a great experience.

c. For AR and VR

Unity helps to create interactive experiences by developing AR and VR content. The need for VR and AR will be at an all-time high in the coming days!

d. For desktop gaming

One-click deployment that supports Mac, PC, as well as Linux platforms.

Furthermore, developers can also port their games to other platforms. It is also simple to transfer and render assets with Unity.

2. Easy to learn

It is extremely simple to learn this game development platform. Ample resources and materials are available online, with texts and videos. The material is available in multiple languages too.

Due to the easy accessibility of resources, Unity is one of the easiest platforms to learn and master.
Further, users have the option of:**

1. Student plan: it’s a free Unity license to study in the classroom or at home.

2. Certifications: take the certification exams to prove your knowledge and abilities.

3. Professional training: helps to increase productivity by taking courses by Unity-certified instructors.

Also, there are 3 main courses to learn that are mentioned below:

  1. Education Grant License: for all schools
  2. Unity Academic Alliance: post-secondary
  3. Unity EdLab: high school/ secondary

3. Online tutorials

As mentioned above, there is ample resource material for learning Unity. So, it is extremely helpful for a beginner who wants to join the game development field and make a career in it.

Tutorials have well-documented chapters and skilfully curated steps that help developers understand the basics and complete procedure step by step. Moreover, it is filled with video tutorials, as users prefer them more. The fact that at any point in time, an individual can reverse and forward the video makes learning comfortable and easy.

4. Vast community

Unity has a vast community. Many developers come together and exchange ideas and information. They come up with suggestions, if any, to improvise the gaming platform. This further helps the Unity developers make appropriate changes and maintain a smooth user experience.

Users can get access to:

a. Forums: for the latest developments, submitting feedback, and engaging with each other.
b. Blogs: for the latest information and news of Unity.
c. Issue tracker: to get the current status of any bugs reported.
d. Documentation: resources to understand every single component in Unity.

5. Analytics

Unity provides built-in analytics to game developers and clients. There are a lot of benefits associated with Unity analytics. It helps studios to understand the gaming performance and behaviors of players.

It also provides real-time data insights in the pre-built dashboard. These insights help developers make minor changes for a better player experience. Here are some key highlights of unity analytics:

  1. Dynamic reporting to track data for the game with SQL data explorer and visualization with the help of funnels.
  2. The data is safe, compliant, and up-to-date.
  3. Provides workflows with insights as per your level of expertise.

It is highly effective, reliable, and preferred by millions of gamers globally.

6. Code in multiple languages

Unity provides multiple language support to easily add programming languages to your unity projects via XML.
It allows accessing multiple coding languages such as C#, JavaScript, and BOO.

In addition, The main difference between android and unity implementation of coding language is that Unity Multiple Language Support allows using only one XML file (or, as per the user's interest, can be more than one). However, in android, there have to be multiple XML for every code.

Also, there is no need to have professional coding experience. You can develop a game from scratch without coding. However, people with coding experience can use their skills and build games otherwise.

7. Graphics

Unity is well known for its high-quality visual effects. This game engine offers rendering technology with great tools to create excellent visuals in a game. In addition, developers have the option to generate smooth movement of various elements in the game.

The graphics features help the developers manage your app's looks as it is highly customizable. Therefore, creating optimized graphics on various platforms such as mobile, desktop, and high-end consoles is easy.

Moreover, it helps to work with various elements such as:

  1. Post-processing and full-screen effects
  2. Lens flares in halos
  3. Particle systems
  4. Lines, rails, and billboards
  5. Decals and projectors

Unity also provides multiple tutorials for users to understand and learn the process.

Final Remarks

As you can see, Unity is an excellent gaming engine due to various reasons. It provides a wonderful gaming experience to the users and, at the same time, an easier development process for the gaming developers. There are many Unity Books available in the Internet, Due to these reasons, it is the world's leading platform for real-time content creation.

I hope this post answers your question about what makes Unity the best game development platform!

Happy Gaming!

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