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Angular 9 Firebase Auth – Anonymous Authentication with AngularFire2 v4

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Anonymous authentication uses only a userID to login without registration. Once signing out, user will not be able to log back in. In this tutorial, we're gonna look at way to implement Anonymous authentication with AngularFire2 v4.

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I. Technology

  • Angular 9
  • AngularFire2 4.0

    II. Overview

    We will build an Angular 9 App that allows user login anonymously:


II. How to do

1. Set up the Firebase Project & Install AngularFire2

Please visit this post to know step by step.


2. Enable Firebase Auth for Anonymous

Go to your Project on Firebase Console -> Authentication tab -> SIGN-IN METHOD -> enable Anonymous:


3. Auth Service

import {AngularFireAuth} from 'angularfire2/auth';

export class AuthService {

  authState: any = null;

  constructor(private afAuth: AngularFireAuth) {
    this.afAuth.authState.subscribe((auth) => {
      this.authState = auth

  get isUserAnonymousLoggedIn(): boolean {
    return (this.authState !== null) ? this.authState.isAnonymous : false

  get currentUserId(): string {
    return (this.authState !== null) ? this.authState.uid : '';

  anonymousLogin() {
    return this.afAuth.auth.signInAnonymously()
      .then((user) => {
        this.authState = user
      .catch(error => console.log(error));

  signOut(): void {
  • We subscribe to the AngularFire auth observable that returns a FirebaseAuthState object. This object is null when logging out, and contains useful User Information (UID, Display Name, Photo URL...) when logging in.
  • We use:
  • AngularFireAuth.auth.signInAnonymously() to log in.
  • AngularFireAuth.auth.signOut() to log out.

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