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GraalVM 20.3.0 LTS Released

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Today we’re happy to announce the GraalVM 20.3.0 release. This is the final feature release of 2020 and if you’re running GraalVM 20.x we recommend taking a look and updating to 20.3. It is also the first long-term support (LTS) release for GraalVM Enterprise. If you’re running one of the 19.x releases or earlier 20.x releases please consider upgrading to 20.3.0 in the near future.

As with every release, we’re greatly thankful to the wonderful GraalVM community for all the feedback, for the collaboration and the discussions of the issues, for sending pull requests and updates to the docs, and last but not least, for spreading the word about the GraalVM project and how it helps your project. Together we make the GraalVM ecosystem extraordinary!

We want to highlight some of the most notable changes in GraalVM 20.3.0. There are many components in GraalVM and every release brings improvements and fixes to all of them. So for a more detailed list of changes please refer to this post GraalVM 20.3 is available by Oleg Šelajev

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