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Open-sourcing my project that helps you remember the Kindle books you read

I have been working during the past 8 months on a side project called Just Remind. it's a free tool that helps you remember the Kindle books you read by sending you a daily email with your highlights.

Now, I reached a point where I want to share the projects with the community so it grows better!

Being new to this part of the open-source community (I always use them, but that's my first time contributing to it), I welcome any advice!

If you are interested in the tool, give it a try! If you actually enjoy it, feel free to visit the Github repo and start participating. It's coded in React, with Next. Any and all contributions, whether it be in the form of code, bug reports, or feature requests, are very much welcomed!

I have a few years of web development experience, so I am also eager to help junior developers who are interested in contributing to the project!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Cheers 👋

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