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Join a new open-source community!

Are a junior web dev? Do you want to improve your skills and meet new people while working on meaningful open-source web apps?

That was my wish when I started web development almost two years ago. At that time, I tried to contribute to existing open-source projects but finding beginner friendly issues was often time-consuming and, even then, existing code in repos are sometimes too complicated to understand or to add to. 🤯

I am dedicating a lot of my free time to side projects, and, while working on one of my small hobby projects (Peak, a web app that helps you remember faster!), I thought about how much cool and valuable it would be to work on small open-source web apps with other devs, as a community!

The Tiny App Stack

That's the reason I am creating the Tiny App Stack, a community of like-minded developers, growing and learning together while creating small and meaningful open-source applications! 🥳

Joining the Tiny App Stack, not only will you meet like-minded friendly people, but you will also improve your coding expertise, level-up your collaboration skills, share your struggles and discuss new coding patterns!

If you are a wannabe web developer, participating in open-source projects can also help you land your first job! 🚀

Join the tribe now!

Whatever is your field of interest, should it be web, design, or product development, or wether you are just curious and want to share ideas and feedback, you are welcome!

Join now the mailing list and I will invite you to join the slack when the community officially launches!

Let's have fun together while making the world a better place, one tiny app at a time! 💪

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