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LLM Leaderboards: Insights on AI Model Performance

We've just published an article about key LLM Leaderboards, featuring user feedback.
Check it out and enjoy!

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Rajeev R. Sharma

Hi there, we encourage authors to share their entire posts here on DEV, rather than mostly pointing to an external link.

Sharing your full posts helps ensure that readers don’t have to jump around to too many different pages, and it helps focus the conversation right here in the comments section on DEV.

To be clear, the DEV Terms state:

Posts must contain substantial content — they may not merely reference an external link that contains the full post.

Also, if you share your full post, you have the option to add a canonical URL directly to your post. This helps with SEO if you are reposting articles!

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Thank you! I'll do it in the right way next time.