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Please don't make todo list /snake game /tic-tac-toe

My Intentions Are Always Right
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If you are learning to code you are one of the very few fortunates.
Do not waste your coding skills to make trivial programs like snake game / tic-tac-toe .
I am not motivating you to start from something very complex from the beginning itself; All I am asking is to bring your own ideas to life with the help of code.
And trust me it is not that difficult ; if you start to think about a new game / app idea it will usually take one or two days to come up with an idea and start working on it but this time is fully worth it.
When you work on your idea you get something you can be proud of.

Also working on a fresh idea exposes us to new challenges which is very - very beneficial to force our brains into thinking like a coder.

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Otu Michael

The Todo-List app can greatly teach you the whole concept about CRUD apps without getting too complicated, by not focusing on security and other software engineering concepts. It was a good start, I took the Todo app and gave it a backend using a SQLite DB after I learnt SQL. I took the backend code, learnt html and css, gave it a web interface with flask. Of course there was a new tool added and I had to learn a lot. I learnt JS and then about ajax, how to network the backend API to the front end. It was challenging but I did it. Now I had a separate backend restful-api. From the terminal to the browser, just the Todo app