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Elizabeth Mattijsen

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Recent Raku Blog Posts

This is the first of a weekly overview of blog posts about the Raku Programming Language.


in which Jonathan Worthington reports on their work at the RCS. With special attention for RakuAST BEGIN time issues, and RakuDoc discussions.

in which Wim Vanderbauwhede describes functional programming paradigms, with side-by-side examples of Raku and Python.

in which Vadim Belman introduces their new LibXML::Class Raku module, which allows for lazy deserialization of large XML structures.

in which Anton Antonov introduces their new FunctionalParsers Raku module, which follows the 1997 “Functional parsers” article by Jeroen Fokker.

with all recent developments around Rakudo, an implementation of the Raku Programming Language.

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