Postwoman πŸ‘½ - API request builder: An open sourced, free, fast & beautiful alternative to Postman

Liyas Thomas on August 22, 2019

Postwoman πŸ‘½ - API request builder Feel free to contribute on GitHub πŸ’š In case you missed! Story this far: I joined Zartek, wh... [Read Full]
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Did you know Postman has raised 58 million in venture funding? That shocked me when I found out. I always assumed it was more indy.

Perhaps this project is something you could turn into a business?

Anyway, I just sent you a Paypal donation. Keep up the great work!


Did you know Postman has raised 58 million in venture funding? That shocked me when I found out. I always assumed it was more indy.

Really? Someone should show these VCs curl or wget or ab - it'll blow their minds...


First things first: A huge thanks for You guys are the best πŸ‘Œ
A huge thanks for the donation. This means so much to me. You'll shine ✨

I took your advice to my heart, will work on it.


My DMs are open and I'm happy to provide more help along the way.


Why should boys have all the fun! 😜


Never thought of gender when I said postman. Also didn't know postman could only be used by males. (sarcasm aside) I think a unique name would make the service stand out more instead of making a statement.

I don't want to gender-ify this service. I believe a name doesn't have that much influence on determining its scope or sucess. If you would like to suggest an alternative name, go on. I'm all hears.

I would be mildly annoyed if someone complain about postMAN, is the same with postWOMAN so keep the name, keep the good work; and if someone complains, who cares, in the web always someone is offended by something. After years in classrooms with almost 1% females still makes me happy to be able to talk nerdy and to a girl at the same time. (without sighs and eye rolls that is)

Let's not make it into a gender thing ... The only reason I would probably have gone with a different name is to avoid potential legal issues. It's directly derived from the same name as the product you took the original idea from. They might not be happy as commercial product with - I say in their eyes - a clone with a similar name trying to take away their business... That Alone is way more risky than the potential gender discussion the name might be calling for

That will be a more serious issue than I thought. Help me, I want help: I don't want to intrigue into anything from Postman, let them do their work and let the open source world make Postwoman better

a clone

I look forward to lawyers trying to claim copyright over making an HTTP request in the browser...

That will be a more serious issue than I thought.

Rename to Postie? Or even Getperson... πŸ˜„

I love the name Postwoman, it's awesome and really caught my attention.

That's exactly what I had in mind. Let it help you on your development period.

Me as an occasional user it's guaranteed i'll remember Postwoman. I don't like Postman because is using the gpu of my mac. But i'm wondering what are the limits, i know Postman is not web based because of some limitations.


I think the names are not antagonist each other, and as I understood wasn't a "political statement" I believe was more a "cachi" name, at the end, I think in the real word postman and now postwoman will complement each other in the dev world, as should be with everything


I don't want to gender-ify this service.

But you've just did...

I believe a name doesn't have that much influence on determining its scope or sucess.

Entire companies have been born for sole purpose of inventing product branding, which includes creating an appealing name.

For many people "postwoman" is just a swing in likes of "take that, MEN" which i find, how millenials are caling it, problematic.

P.s. I believe "man" in "postman" stands for "person", not as "male"


This is pretty cool. I like the name a lot. I'm going to be diving more into the source code, and hopefully, I'll find some time to contribute.

Also, do you only intend to keep this super minimal or looking to add some few "minimal" bells and whistles in the future?


I'm always open to suggestions. Everyone's opinion counts. Feel free to contribute and share your thoughts on improving Postwoman.


You only changed half the name. What about the first part? We don't only use it for POST. We also use it for GET and PUT (and more). Getwoman sounds too out of place. So I would suggest Putwoman. That gets you out of trouble with the the Postman people.

Renaming the platform is currently scheduled for future. After stable release. Anyway suggestions are welcomed.


i sure will, maybe you should submit this app to Product hunt to get more eyes on it.

I hope you gave proper credit for me, and didn't changed any contents.


I love this! Here's a quick thought, I didn't research this but what are implications of having server side to proxy a http request? Like a free tier on where a requests can be handled by a lambda function and results are sent back to the client side. Full disclaimer, I googled once and got this idea so it's not something I'm proud of.


Umm yeah, a proxy system is something this site might need at some point. As the client side CORS policies kinda break the app (just try sending a request to

There is an active discussion going on here.

I am really loving contributing to this project.


Will surely consider your advice. Stay tuned for future updates πŸ±β€πŸ’»


While I applaud the effort, this can't be more than just a toy until it drops browser sandbox like Postman or Insomnia did. You can't deal with CORS, browser hides cookies from you, applies HSTS and other cross-origin restrictions. Good luck!


Thanks for your concern, consider making a contribution or suggestions to make Postwoman better ❀️


So build a client that doesn't rely on Electron.


That's was my primary aim, but as you've noticed project Postwoman had gained momentum in GitHub and we rewrote a-z into Vue Nuxt which made it faster, lighter and efficient than any other projects in its category.

Oru kind supporters brought domains and which are currently serving GitHub pages directly and will be published to the world for free on Postwoman v1.0 stable release. We need support from guys like you for the next big thing to happen. Postwoman will be a fully transparent open source project, free of cost for all.


I get the name but be the bigger person, this should be post person πŸ˜…


That should be the SOAP version, why should rest APIs get all the love


I confess I have not really looked into SOAP at all... I must stink.


In comparison to postman, I think the idea is to be the smaller one πŸ˜‰

No clue if that was intentional, but it definitely works lol


Minimalism and keeping things simple has been one of my prior concern.


Cool stuff! For me personally, I find the history gets a bit in the way at the moment.

A history tab, or even just placing it below the current request/response I think would help. Tabs to sort it by request type and sorting options could be cool, too.

I would be happy to contribute some dev work if I can help! :)


Fixed History section interfering ease of use. Moved history section below response section.


Postman and Postwoman after living in for quite a while, had a big fight, and returned to their parent's house. Thus, the Boomerang was created.


Hi, looks like a neat project! Nice job so far :)
Could you please help me understand how this is different from Postman? It appears to be functionally the same, with future features that will make it even more like Postman. My intention is not to be critical, I am just leery of investing (whether it be time or money) into something for which there already exists a viable product. That said, Facebook was not shy of MySpace! Curious to hear your thoughts/vision.


Postman, insomnia etc stand solid in API testing market. Let them be. But the very idea behind Postwoman was to have an alternative open source platform where developers like me could share thoughts on improving the platform as well as collaborate with people with same interest. I believe every technology should be available for free of use whether its for a single dev or for an enterprise level team. Postwoman will be free and always transparent.


Open source is definitely a good thing! πŸ‘πŸ» There are so many FOSS tools out there that we take for granted.

I am cautious about the name though. Gender equality is more important than ever in tech, and change is finally starting to happen. As others have mentioned on this thread, though, this seems more like a terse gender equality statement than an open source alternative. Perhaps the name will help it spread, but it also may get you into legal troubles, so I would encourage you to look into that (especially if this takes off).

Anyway, great stuff, nice to see an alternative option out there.

Glad you liked it. I need support from all to help me build a better, open, and transparent platform.


Yes. I did a background check on prevailing such implementations. Insomnia is packed with similar features of Postman, but I want Postwoman to be minimal and beautiful.


Because Postman runs slowly on my laptop so I decided to test your Postwoman, and it's so light and cool.
Thank you. I hope it becomes better.
I'd like to contribute it, but I didn't contribute yet on any open source projects.


Everybody was once a beginner.
Fork it, make your contributions/fix current issues, make a pull request. Thats it.

There's always a first ✨


@liyasthomas I know I'm getting to this a bit late but I have to commend you, this is awesome work and I love the name. I'm not a lawyer but I don't think you need to be too worried about any potential legal issues if this is a FOSS project and the name falls under "satire" :D

Anyway, I love that you're using Nuxt.js...curious whether you have a back-end at all, and whether I can DM you? You of all people seem to know how to implement the Authorization grant token (oauth flow using Nuxt for social login) and I'd love to pick your brain on this.


I would love have a conversation with you. You can DM me here or I'm available on Twitter @liyasthomas.

Glad you liked the project. Thanks for your suggestions on legal issues. Later, I came to know that there are thousands of projects which even sounds similar and does pretty much the same thing.

Currently, we don't have a backend at all. I made it fully transparent, we don't even do analytics, logging or accept any user/client informations. I believe in "free for all" philosophy. Currently we're focusing on its growth. Adding essential features such as workspace sharing, auth, collections etc and encouraging people to use it. Making it popular or should I say, letting people know that there exists a service that has everything for API testing and its free and open source.

I believe your contributions to the project on GitHub will be an asset for us. Please consider contributing and share the love with a text, tweet or talk. Looking forward for your response.


Thanks @liyasthomas . I just starred the project on Github...amazing that you're focused on it's growth above all else. I will definitely be using postwoman and report any issues / improvements I find.

Right now I'm focused on a problem dealing with Auth in Nuxt (Social oAuth using the Authorization Grant token, to be specific). Is this something you would know about and can help point me in the right direction on? My DMs on DEV are also open if that's you want to follow me back / send a message so we can connect and talk further?


Star and contribute to the project on GitHub πŸ’š

UPDATE: Added History support with session storage πŸ‘Œ
UPDATE: Added URL validation πŸ”

Huge thanks to all the contributors πŸ€—


How about adding an import feature for existing requests on other clients? So that i can save my time from typing - a fellow kerala dev.


This is awesome. Lately I went searching for a Postman alternative and didn't found anything, this was exactly what I was looking for:

  • Lightweight
  • Open source
  • Online

Congratulations on this project, it's very helpful! +10 for the name :D


Glad you liked it. Share it with your friends, star the project on GitHub thats how we spread love.


I was about to share it on my university open source group fanpage, I already starred it :D

That's great news! I'm a πŸ¦„ happie unicorn!


Wow!! I never knew I needed this! I'll surely contribute to make this more awesome!


Let the earth have more people like you πŸ’š


@Liyas your comments made me picture you as Lina Ginetti from Brooklyn 99 :)

I don't know who that is. And I never watched that show. Anyway I'll take it as a compliment.


I don't the name is an issue and it would be silly if postman sued over it. This term is an actual term used to refer to someone delivering the post.


Lol 🀣
Thanks for the quick look up πŸ™Œ


For occasional use, a small chrome extension" Tabbed Postman - REST Client" works too:

If you like to use the command line for quick testing, take a look of


Haven't looked at it yet, but in my experience curl is better than dealing with postman. Frickin snap installs, massive project. GUI is acceptable but not worth the costs. Almost always have some wonky behavior happen and need to revert to using the soap UI project that my teammates setup forever ago.

This project at least sounds lightweight(which API rest calls/builders should be), plus dark theme is always welcomed. Great idea, definitely need to check this out.


Glad you liked it πŸ’œ
Help me make it better by contributing to the project on GitHub


Awesome stuff! Love it.

One tiny nit pick (of course).. the teeny tiny little arrows for the Parameters and Authentication headers box are so small that I didn't see them and thought the feature was disabled or a work in progress.
Otherwise, many claps πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Will surely update the UI to fix your issue. Follow the project and share you most valuable suggestions n GitHub.


I can register a domain and donate that. I use a lot of VMs for development, so I don't like to use Electron apps too much. Haven't used it yet, but I do have hosting I don't really use for anything.


I would love to consider this offer 😍😍😍

Anyway, I love GitHub and believe a good open source project doesn't require a domain. People will love the service just the way it is. Right now, I'm really curious about Postwoman because of your support and love. Currently I need some time to figure out how much Postwoman can help my fellow devs. I would love to have a talk with you. I'm available on Twitter @liyasthomas.

I love open source. For more than 4 years I've been working on open source, while living off savings. I'm on PayPal now as my savings are slowly running out & I need your help to continue my efforts πŸ’–


I don't have Twitter anymore, but I went ahead and sent something via PayPal. My DMs here should be open, though.

Making a donation means a lot to me. Its because of guys like you, the world gets more smiles βœ¨πŸ’œ


I can help test this new tool. The name intrigued me. I use Postman all the time but there are a few things which I do not like about it and they can become features for postwoman.


Glad you liked it πŸ’œ. Suggest you opinions and contribute on GitHub to make it better.


Hey, I'm at work right now so I can't look into this extensively, but would you be open to a desktop app version by using this recent project? I wanted to make an article about this so it could be fun.

I'm not fluent in Vue.js but willing to help and Node.js is probably helpful to the CORS issue. πŸ˜„


That would be awesome. CORS and HTTP request handling are our prime concern. Keep up the good work.


Glad you liked it πŸ’œ. Contribute on GitHub to make it better.


Add light mode and toggle #18

abraham avatar
abraham commented on Aug 22, 2019

Add light theme and <dark-mode-toggle> to switch between them. Based on the prefers-color-scheme feature.

This will only work for browsers that support ES Module imports and custom elements. Otherwise no toggle will display.

There are some areas that could be improved in light mode

  • Darker logo
  • Dark GitHub logo
  • Darker Authorization/Parameters label colors
Dark Light
Screenshot from 2019-08-22 16-28-16 Screenshot from 2019-08-22 16-28-25

I was thinking about adding this feature, but i thought of a more native one without using any custom components. I want it to be supported on evry device, ever browser. Anyway I'll look Into it. Thanks for the contributions. Keep the good work.


What is this sorcery? :) This is pure awesome.

Keep up the good work!


I see my fellow πŸ¦„ unicorn devs are happy, which makes me happie.


That is an awesome project. You had me at only HTML CSS & JS. Bookmarked so I can help you in my spare time.


There is an issue opened about CORS here...

Feel free to pitch in!!!


CORS is our primary concern right now. Will inform you on any update. Stay tuned. Leave a star on GitHub to share some love πŸ’–


Sure, will keep an eye. You'll probably need some sort of reverse proxying which is ... fun


Are only JSON responses displayed? I was testing an API that returns plaintext responses and I can't see the response.


Can you please explain how to reproduce the issue? Or kindly report the issue on GitHub repo


Try using Postwoman to send a request to at the endpoint /master_unsupported. The response should be a plaintext list of songs but there's no response even though gives the response.

Issue has been identified. Will work on it ASAP.


I just checked and it seems everything's working fine here.
Try a hard refresh: Ctrl + Shift + r


Great idea, nicely executed, great name. Thank you for making the open source community that little bit better.


Glad you like it πŸ’œ
Contributions are welcomed in code, feature suggestions, error reports and donations.

Let's together make open source community a little better.


Great! I love the minimalistic design. There are many features that I would desire, but it's a great beginning. Well done.


I'm eager to listen to your feature requests. Open an issue ticket on GitHub or send here! I'm all ears.


As a developer, I thought that I'm miles away from all the equality bs... Looks like I was wrong.


Any particular feature you'd like me to focus on? I'm a full stack dev, and I love what you're doing


Kindly go through issues tab and try to solve the one you find interesting. You won't be alone, we got your back. Always feel free to discuss and give suggestions fir the betterment of project. πŸ’œ


Good job! Excellent!. Is there support for localhost? I am guessing I can do this via host file


Yes! Experiment with your APIs and don't forget to report the feedback πŸ™‚πŸ™


I loved that is a PWA ❀️I will try to contribute soon!


Yes it is!
Its lighter, faster, cleaner and efficient. You would absolutely give it a try!


This app is awesome! I'm a big fan of all things API and will def look to making some open source contributions :)


Any contributions, suggestions form guys like you would be an asset for this project. Looking forward on your contributions.


Congrats πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰!! Really amazing job πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


A cool feature idea would be to automatically export a request to javascript (fetch with .then() or await async)


Cool! Would you like to consider opening a PR for the same on GitHub?


Nice! Can't wait to use this (and contribute via PayPal)!


It's because of guys like you, we've great teams working on great projects for open source space and make a world a better place πŸ’œ


I was a software developer at postman a year ago. Let me know if i could help you with anything. The project looks awesome to contribute btw.


Wow, I see huge potential in this project. Not because this helps lot of devs to ease testing process but also because it's open sourced. Go through the issues tab, or suggest a new feature. A mentor such as you would be an asset for us. Looking forward for your contributions.


Glad you liked it. Leave a star on GitHub to share some love πŸ’–
If you would like to make a small donation, I'm on PayPal.


Awesome that's really great!! I can't wait to check it out


Glad you liked it. Leave a star on GitHub to share some love πŸ’–


Glad to hear that. You should try the service too. You're most likely love the ease of development with Postwoman πŸ’œ


Really impressive Liyas. This is really great work!


Glad you liked it. Leave a star on GitHub to share some love πŸ’–
If you would like to make a small donation, I'm on PayPal.


nice contribution but world man is better than your women :)


Nicely done. Icon does look a lot like Alienware's icon though.


Thanks for the comment!
Our icon features an alien head [πŸ‘½] with alien green background color #50FA7B. We also made sure there's no dispute among icon rights. Our icon is available on which is an internationally recognised icon repository.

Use/download our icon without any modifications from here:


I wasn't implying that you were ripping Alienware off, nor do I believe that the icon is extremely important at this moment (I see a lot of features scheduled). I saw several comments regarding name choice and branding, so I wanted to give you a hint that people might think of Alienware first, while thread was at it :)

Of course branding is a delicate stuff and since this is your product, who are we to tell you what to do with it :) That is totally understandable!


Is there any good reason why this might be more useful than curl?


Idea: allow different METHODs to be color coded. You'd be surprised how many times developers tend to think an API doesn't work, and it's just because of using POST instead of PUT or similar.


Wow, that's a unique idea. It should be implemented. Are you able to open an issue on GitHub, or should I do it on your behalf? Because I would love to see this feature implemented.


Someone at work just shared a link to your project on a slack channel.

This means you've officially Made It.


Wahoo it's written with vue.js too! Awesome, hopefully I can make some meaningful contributions to it!


UPDATE: Added History support πŸ‘Œ
Suggest new features!!


This is really awesome!! πŸ‘

Cracking job so far. Keep up the good work!


Great. I would love to make some contributions. I do node, angular, python and ready to do different technologies. It will be better of you yourself can tell me in which part i can contribute to.


I always try to solve issues first, because thats what our users want. Check out Issues tab and try if you could solve any of them. Anywany I'm all open for suggestions for improvement.


I am looking forward to see the development of this app ^ seems amazing!


Thanks for all your support. This means a lot to me. Watch the project on GitHub and stay tuned, I got plans that bring good to the world.


πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Dope work, best creativity I've seen all year


Glad you liked it. Star the project on GitHub to show some love ❣️


This is a great idea. We need more things to be open source options. Do you have anything for a Junior to work on? I would love to contribute more to open source projects.


Glad you liked it πŸ’œ Check out my GitHub profile for more projects. There are lot of awesome other projects on GitHub Explore and Trending pages. Find those suits you better.

Anyway, there's always good in sharing. Sharing === caring.


That seems really interesting, i'm definitely going to check your project ! I might contribute if I can πŸ™‚


Glad you liked it πŸ’š Let's make the world a little more better.


Glad you liked it. Leave a star on GitHub to share some love πŸ’–
If you would like to make a small donation, I'm on PayPal.


Great job! Now I don't have to worry about paying postman


I'm glad you liked it. Star the project on GitHub, share it with your fellow devs and make this world a better place! πŸ’œ


Cool. Please add Collections and Export/Import. It would be great.


Maybe another good feature would be a support for GraphQL, like Postman or Insomnia based on this


Out-of-the-box GraphQL support is one of my prime concern. Surely I'll look into it. Contribute on GitHub to make it better.


Cool. Please add Collections and Export/Import. It would be great!


Creating and sharing collections across teams and personels are one of our prime focused features right now! Consider making any contribution πŸ’š

Export/import functionalities are at beta testing.

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