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Ghost Inspector on Internet Explorer?

I work as a Software Engineer at Endtest.

In this article, I will give a short explanation on why Ghost Inspector does not work on Internet Explorer and if there are any workarounds available.

What is Ghost Inspector?

Ghost Inspector is a tool where you can build and execute tests for web applications.

You can execute those tests directly on their cloud browsers.

And yes, it's similar to our solution.

Why doesn't Ghost Inspector work on Internet Explorer?

The first reason is that Ghost Inspector uses the CasperJS library to interact with the elements from web pages.

One of the limitations of this library is that it does not work on Microsoft Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer.

The second reason is that Ghost Inspector only provides browsers on Linux machines. And you cannot install Internet Explorer on a Linux machine.

Is there any known workaround?

No. Even if Ghost Inspector would give you the option to connect to an external cross-browser cloud grid, it would not work because it's using CasperJS.

Why does Endtest work with Internet Explorer?

Endtest uses a Selenium engine to interact with the elements from web pages.

This allows our product to work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer and mobile browsers.

Another reason is that the browsers from our cloud are running on Windows and macOS machines.

We provide browsers on Windows and macOS machines so users can test their web applications in realistic conditions.

Final thoughts

I've written this short article because I've noticed a lot of users are asking this question.

Drop a line in the Comments section if you have any questions.

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