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World-famous GTK themes for Linux

Have you ever wondered about the most popular GTK themes for Linux? The themes, that are famous around the world. The themes that people use no matter where they live. Users can be from India, The United States, Russia, Brazil, France, Spain, Japan, or from some other country.

So don’t you wanna know what are the famous Linux GTK themes among them?

To answer that curiosity, I have written this article. Below you will find the top 5 GTK themes for Linux which are being used by users around the earth. So let’s get started!

1. WhiteSur GTK Theme
Like many other themes, the WhiteSur GTK theme is inspired by macOS. As we all know Apple does the design better than anyone else. This theme is based on macOS Big Sur. It takes inspiration from it and tries to convert the design system to Linux GTK based applications. I have tried WhiteSur on a Gnome desktop and it looks fabulous.

I’m not that much of an apple fan but the look you get is just amazing. It will make people believe that you are on a mac. I don’t prefer the apple icons on Linux though, they feel odd.

The developers update the theme very often to keep up with the modern design and fixes.

[Download Link Below]

2. Nordic GTK Theme
The Nordic theme has its own glow to it. The GTK theme usages the Nord color palette which gives it a dark gray look. When you use your computer it provides a matte finish to it.

Apart from that, the colors are eye comforting so if you’re someone who usages the computer for a long period of time then this theme can be a good choice.
The theme is also updated to support both GTK 3.0 and GTK 4.0. You can get it from the links below.

[Download Link Below]

3. Sweet GTK Theme
Sweet is a GTK gradient candy. You will love the color contrast and darkish combinations with a rainbow-like finish. This theme is inspired by space and planets which you will notice in the naming as well.

Sweet comes with many options, light, dark, and even with different accent colors. These are the options but you can go with any one of them they all are gorgeous.

[Download Link Below]

👉 Read the complete article on
World-famous GTK themes for Linux

🎦 You can also watch the video guide on Youtube to get actual themes demonstration.

I have used a fairly popular metric for the themes and it is the number of downloads the listed GTK themes get on the gnome-looks. The list doesn't follow any order whatsoever, just look around the themes and pick one for your Linux distribution.

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