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Hyper - A modern terminal emulator for Linux

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In this quick guide, I will review a modern-looking terminal emulator for Linux. Hyper is minimal and it supports a bunch of features that you will end up loving it.

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Fortunately, the Hyper config file as an option to set a custom shell. Unfortunately, when I set the bash shell path it doesn't recognize it. I have to execute bash in the terminal to load it up.

Let me know if anyone has any solution.


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I enjoy what they're going for with Hyper, but being an electron app makes it very heavy for a terminal emulator. When I tried it I ended up back on iTerm (Mac, not Linux). Maybe it's worth taking another look, but my terminal is one of the few things I want to be very performant and lightweight.


I agree with that as my Gnome terminal takes around 2MB whereas this one takes 150 MB.

However, given the latest hardware situation. I don't think that matters.
It works just fine.


When you're running a docker stack at 10 containers, a web browser, a code editor, a terminal emulator with numerous tabs, design software, communication tools... 150MB starts to matter a bit.

10 Docker containers and 75X RAM consumption.

This hyperbolic encounter amuses me.



150 MB for an application without any demanding features matters a lot. Imagine any other application you have taking 75x the amount of memory from an alternative one.