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Why Great Money Doesn’t Retain Great Devs w/ Stack Overflow, DataStax & Reprise

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What do the teams at Stack Overflow, DataStax and Reprise have in common?

First, they’ve all built amazing organizations powered by amazing developers.

Second, they’ve managed to build and retain these amazing developers in an ultra-competitive hiring market.

Third, they all took time at our recent INTERACT conference to discuss how they created engineering organizations that are productive, successful and - best of all - happy.

It’s a rare treat to have this many amazing minds on one live panel and we couldn’t be more excited to share their insights, wisdom and advice to the community at large - so get ready to hear from Ben Matthews, Director of Engineering at Stack Overflow, Shankar Ramaswamy, Head of Engineering at DataStax, and Jennie MacDougall, Director of Engineering at Reprise.

Quick note, if you notice a tiny fluctuation in the audio quality for each speaker, it’s because this was recorded live at INTERACT.


Episode Highlights Include:

  • (7:29) Three stages of communication
  • (13:39) No dev works better when they are stressed or burned out
  • (17:19) "Platformization" what it is and when to do it
  • (24:05) Allowing engineers to test run a new job
  • (37:09) Velocity is a data point, not the story
  • (43:06) Building teams around people and product

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nobilitypnw profile image

The conversation around "platformization" and feature delivery is interesting. Not sure I've quite heard it put that way before.