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Tech Hiring in 2023: Trends, Predictions & Strategies for Success

The tech industry has seen a significant change in the skills, qualifications, and titles listed in job postings over the past few years. What does that mean for companies - and for the candidates themselves?

On this week’s episode of Dev Interrupted, we talk to Maryam Jahanshahi co-founder and Head of R&D at Datapeople, who breaks down the biggest hiring trends in tech from title inflation to salary transparency and the skyrocketing costs of recruitment.

Maryam also discusses how the storytelling skills she picked up from data analysis have improved her abilities as a founder.

“In the last year [title inflation] has gone through a crazy uptick. That's tied to the labor market. It's tied to companies trying to lure and attract candidates because it's really hard to hire in tech.” - Maryam Jahanshahi

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:05) Introductions
  • (6:13) Title inflation trend
  • (11:00) Hiring trends: salary transparency
  • (16:11) Bringing data to the recruiting process
  • (21:55) How Datapeople is leveraging ML
  • (27:30) AI job trends
  • (31:30) The importance of storytelling
  • (35:42) Maryam's advice for founders

Read the full episode transcript here.

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