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Startup Growth & Metrics: What to Measure & When

As your startup scales it's not enough to know what to measure - you have to know WHEN to measure. Metrics that are important in one growth phase might not be in the next.

To help us make sense of it all, we invited Laura Tacho onto the show. Laura is a VP of Engineering & Leadership Coach, and an expert when it comes to startup growth and metrics, having worked with over 125 different companies.

We love this episode because it takes a team-first approach to metrics and then relates those metrics back to the growth of your organization. Whether you are a seasoned engineering leader or an IC trying to understand where your team is headed, this unique take on metrics will set your team up for success - and happiness - in 2023.

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:53) How Laura got her start in engineering
  • (6:56) Why companies grow and mature like people
  • (11:58) How bad habits get baked into companies
  • (17:35) Common growing pains during scaling
  • (19:54) Advice for eng teams at scale-ups
  • (23:29) CEOs who get attached to bad metrics
  • (31:21) Metrics for mature orgs
  • (36:48) Justifying metrics to your board and your team

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