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Reimagining DORA Metrics & Leveraging Feature Flags with Split

Does the emergence of feature flags affect the interpretation and utility of DORA metrics?

On this week’s episode of Dev Interrupted, host Dan Lines and Ariel Perez, VP of Engineering at, discuss the state of DORA metrics and whether they need reimaging in a world of feature flags. Listen as Ariel explains why he believes feature flags are more than a tool, and have begun to reshape our understanding of software development and the metrics we use to measure it.

Dan and Ariel also touch on how feature flags can drastically reduce lead time and mean time to recover, and conclude their chat with an intriguing look at the granular nature of control in the modern software engineering landscape, where the unit of control has shifted from the application as a whole to individual features.

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:05) Introduction
  • (7:15) Pursuing productivity at the expense of effectiveness
  • (15:50) Project allocation discussion
  • (24:55) Reimagining DORA metrics
  • (31:30) Radical ideas for DORA
  • (41:25) How teams should invest in shipping faster

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