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LB Labs: The Magic of Compound Efficiencies in Engineering

As the milestone book Atomic Habits laid out, the key to life-changing habits is adopting one effectively and then layering another desirable habit on top of it.

The same is true for efficiencies in software engineering.

When your team adopts one efficiency, sees it bear fruit, then adds the next efficiency habit on top of it, the result is compounding efficiencies.

In this conversation, LinearB’s CTO Yishai Beeri reveals the data on compound efficiencies as experienced by real dev teams out in the wild.

“There are dev orgs that just visit their metrics dashboard every three weeks. That's nice, but that's not enough. That's not going to change behaviors that improve efficiency.”

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:53) Sourcing the data
  • (5:57) Visibility for devs & managers
  • (12:15) Improving code reviews
  • (19:30) What are compounding efficiencies?
  • (21:48) Streamlining the PR process
  • (25:52) Results from efficiencies gained
  • (33:40) Giving devs back more focus time
  • (40:45) How to get compounding efficiencies for your team

Episode Transcription.

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