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Dev Interrupted's Best Programmer Humor

Fact: The developer community is one of the most irreverent, clever, and funny professional communities in the world. From memes to easter eggs to inside jokes, programmers are better at turning ones and zeroes into LOLs than anyone else.

That's why we asked one of the programming community's best comic creators - Ahmad El-Baher (aka Sea The Full Moon) - to add some levity to four areas near and dear to our hearts. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did. Also, feel free to save and share on any platforms you'd like!

Be sure to check out more of Ahmad's work on Twitter!

On pull requests:

The Pull Request Paradox

On interruptions:

A Productive Day of Programming

On startup "About Us" pages:

How Tech Companies Make "About Us" pages

On the intent-perception gap:

Intent Perception Gap

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