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Decoding Duolingo: Returning to the Office, Enabling First-Time Managers & More

Remote, hybrid, or in-office? Opinions are divided on what has quickly become one of the most controversial topics in tech: Should we return to the office and if so, how and when?

On this week’s episode of Dev Interrupted, we sit down with Duolingo’s Sr. Director of Engineering Fabio Lessa, to discuss how to successfully transition your engineering org back to the office - and why Duolingo has done it so successfully. [Hint: it all starts with culture.]

Fabio also discusses Duolingo’s training program for first-time managers, the transition from IC to team lead, and tips to roll out a training program at your company.

"It's not black and white. Right? You can't really replace the acceleration that you get of everyone in the room. Like even whiteboarding together, doing ideas, laughing, joking, good ideas, bad ideas. Now you don't need to do that every day of the week, but there's certain situations that you can really accelerate."

Episode Highlights:

  • (3:03) Returning to the office
  • (6:10) Balancing hybrid work
  • (15:28) What makes Duolingo's culture great
  • (18:38) Platform engineering
  • (21:28) New manager training program
  • (26:30) How to roll out your own training program

Episode Transcript

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