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Two wins this week!

I got my tech blog's RSS feed set up and working, so I can cross post to here. :) Super excited about that!

Also started running again a few weeks ago (doing a Garmin training plan to build up to a 5k) and hit my longest run tonight - 2 miles! 1 mile doing 30 sec run / 30 sec walk intervals, then 1 mile during my warm up / cool down. Haven't gone that long in a very long time!


Do you happen to have a favorite tutorial for setting up an RSS feed? I'd like to do so myself - but resources are surprisingly scarce, hard to follow, or immediately jump to using a service


I don't, unfortunately. :( I'm using the framework Gridsome for my blog, so I used one of their plugins for RSS feed functionality, & fiddled around with it until I actually got back the right information. lol

Are you using a specific framework for your blog, or is it self-hosted / hosted somewhere else? I'd be happy to see what I can help you find if you'd like!

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