What was your win this week?

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Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄

Have a good weekend everyone!

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This week, I was... interviewed on a secret podcast!



First position in Google with an article published on this amazing platform, in front of Nodejs and Microsoft links.
Thank you, @Dev.to .. <('_')> ..

Nodejs Starter Javascript Boilerplates Article - First position in Google


Finished writing my longest tutorial guide yet about making a REST API.

Im pretty new to backend stuff so this was hugely beneficial in helping me learn a lot of stuff by writing a guide.


this was hugely beneficial in helping me learn a lot of stuff by writing a guide

👆 This! Writing a tutorial/guide for others, or in general preparing to teach a new topic to someone else, is one of the best ways to dig deep on a topic and learn it really well


Vacation. Back to work Monday. Don't forget to take some downtime peeps!


We all know you took a vacation just to flex on your dev.to shirt and take this photo ;p


Made a Twitter account and got my first 10 followers! 🎉 Also I got promoted from junior developer to developer at work!


Awesome! Still got my junior title but it will come. Just started three weeks ago.


I built and published my first public Discord bot, all about preventing hate speech and tracking hate speech users!
[shameless plug] github.com/midblue/safespace-bot



Two wins this week!

I got my tech blog's RSS feed set up and working, so I can cross post to here. :) Super excited about that!

Also started running again a few weeks ago (doing a Garmin training plan to build up to a 5k) and hit my longest run tonight - 2 miles! 1 mile doing 30 sec run / 30 sec walk intervals, then 1 mile during my warm up / cool down. Haven't gone that long in a very long time!


Do you happen to have a favorite tutorial for setting up an RSS feed? I'd like to do so myself - but resources are surprisingly scarce, hard to follow, or immediately jump to using a service


I don't, unfortunately. :( I'm using the framework Gridsome for my blog, so I used one of their plugins for RSS feed functionality, & fiddled around with it until I actually got back the right information. lol

Are you using a specific framework for your blog, or is it self-hosted / hosted somewhere else? I'd be happy to see what I can help you find if you'd like!


Seeing the GIF featured in this post was definitely a win just now!

The good thing about working from home is you can laugh as loud as you want. 😆


One of the projects our team is working on is providing a Windows implementation to the open source Envoy Proxy project.

Yesterday, for the first time in months, we got our fork of Envoy to compile on Windows!


Still can't announce it publicly, but I am going to be a Senior Software Developer for an accelerator laboratory starting in a few weeks! This has been my dream for many years!


Launched a project that I've been working on for the past 6 months: Divjoy, a React codebase generator. Haven't really promoted it yet, but it feels good to have it out in the public 😊


Making a mini-VirtualMachine in Java and making a way to open a program "window".



  • Set up Mastodon and PeerTube instances with Docker on my home server (fediverse is such a breath of fresh air compared to mainstream social media!)

  • Finished a project at work, and just got an extension signed for a new and more complex one!


I figured out how to use an SVN GUI and when running a Jenkins build on a branch that most people get wrong, I got it right. Senior dev said, "That's my girl!" a virtual pat on the back. Said, "You wouldn't believe how many people get this wrong. They don't check to see what branch they are running the build on."

This after completely mangling a bunch of commits early in the week lol.

I'm taking on more projects and while I have been sick most of the day, it's been a great three weeks as a junior dev.


Not touching code for a complete week! Instead of writing code I celebrated life with the Irish in various pubs!


this is great! you have to take breaks sometimes.


Finished editing two episodes of my soon to launch podcast Software Engineering Unlocked.

Oh boy, it took much longer than I thought, but with knowing many short-cuts and getting into my own rhythm and process of editing, I hope the next episodes will take less time. But, so excited to launch soon.


I'm impressed at my own refactoring skills in yesterday's code challenge. I managed to do the original solution and clearer version without looking up functions.

That's a win from a knowing the materials perspective.


After investigating for 7 hours, patching npm package versions, troubleshooting many non documented issues on our part, I am finally able to build and emulate our app on android. I went through a lot of debugging and it feels great.


For sure having the top two posts on #DevOps for the week.

And on that, I'm trying to figure out what kind of DevOps content folks on this site are looking for. If you have any questions you want answered or anything you'd like to have a written out demo/workshop for, head over to this post and throw down a comment, please!


So happy to share that this month I'm celebrating 8 years with the Mozilla community and 2 as Mozilla Reps


I started a project customizing Beezy in a great company. This is the starting point of one of my greatest adventures I guess.


I was interviewed on the DjangoChat podcast and that episode was released.

I spent a day working through the Tailwind CSS Screencasts while working on an internal day job productivity tool and it really clicked for me.

Not a bad week!


Finally tried Arch Linux (after using Manjaro for some time now) and it went a little chaotic (since I don't know how Linux works) but I was able to get a working installation after fiddling with it the whole day. Now I can badger everyone with i use arch, btw. And I understood a whole lot more on Linux, too.

Right now, I'm still taking my time on trying out new stuff here starting with a window manager instead of a desktop environment (Xfce) since my workflow is becoming simpler and I already tried a new thing might as well throw out the whole cake. :D


I was able to get back my peak walking stamina after a 3 month break. I was able to walk at least 25km non stop twice during the week. And as a result she’d 1kg. If I can continue I will be able to meet my 3 month goal.


Just got accepted to speak at a MeetUp for the first time ever (this was a goal for this year)!


On vacation until August 24 :)

We reached the south of France last Wednesday, and we're spending time with the family before moving on to other places :)

Japan is hot and humid right now, here it is only hot...


Another devops evangelist step at work.

I've been building a POC for using Jenkins at work and even got a demo of doing it with .NET MVC 4.x so I could show the .NET team.

It went well, I conquered a few challenges, and the Friday right before I talked about DevOps to the entire IT org. So riding high on that right now.

Looking forward to getting to work tomorrow to tackle more of it since I have a pretty meeting-light Monday compared to usual.


I hadn’t read the Little Schemer for months. I had nothing to do so I was like, why wouldn’t I reread chapter 8 (Lambda The Ultimate I believe) and finally understand collectors.

Before fetching my paperback copy, I tried to sum up what I already knew. Turns out I knew how to implement functions with collectors already ;)


This week I...
... found a solution for possible show stopper.
... put the first Azure Webservice into production
... put the Azure Functions I toyed with into production
... created the business case for my dream architecture, which was easier than expected
... helped two colleagues with their problems
... went on a trip with my wife over our wedding anniversary to Venice. (Best for Last!)


Pull requests accepted contributing to open source AWS docs.


Hmm, interesting question. Let me think - I've not won a lottery, haven't won someone's heart, but there is something! I moved to a new flat more that week ago, and now I live in a great place with my best friend. Soooo, I've receive a lot of satisfaction and great moments this week. And it's even better than winning for me.


An article I wrote is going to be published in opensource.com

Got a major-major client for my business


Starting my JavaScript video tutorial.

Finishing a Gatsby website


This week I signed my first full-time contract after deciding to pursue a career in web dev! Starting in about a month, and I could not be more excited. 😃


Unexpected post response on dev.to... Really it is highly unexpected...

Getting my steam dev account approved

Application shortlisted for a health startup!

Thats kinda it


Finished my second semester of grad school, and got another A! That's straight As so far... hope I can keep the streak going!


I conducted my first technical interview this week! Major imposter syndrome but I think it went well and I'm excited for next week's lineup of interviewees 😁


nice! I really enjoyed the first one you sent me a while back. Very cool. I'm going to make sure I keep following this


Got my first pull request (ever) approved and merged! It consists of a Bash script and an "equivalent" PowerShell script.

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