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Omar Urbano | LightningChart
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LightningChart JS Trader v.2

We recently launched the first version of LightningChart JS Trader which is a high-precision suite for creating financial and trading applications.

Today, we have released LightningChart JS Trader v.2 and I'd like to give you an overview of what this is and how you can use this JavaScript library for building trading and financial applications.

All-in-one chart suite

So, as mentioned, LightningChart JS Trader (or LCJS Trader) is an all-inclusive charting library for building JS-based applications for the financial and trading industry.


The cool thing about LCJS Trader is its versatility and completeness, that is, the charting suite features not only technical analysis charts. Here's more:

Technical Analysis charts

Features charts like CandleStick, Bar, Line, Mountain, Kagi, Renko, Point & Figure, and Heikin-Ashi, plus 100+ technical indicators and more than 30 drawing tools.

2D & 3D Real-Time Charts
LCJS Trader features different real-time charting controls for processing FinTech data at high performance.

DataGrid Control
The ultimate DataGrid control is supported:


Have you seen FinTech apps featuring GeoMaps? Well, LCJS Trader makes it possible by integrating geographical map features.

LightningChart JS Trader v.2

So, in this release, LCJS Trader v.2 features a new user interface, new chart types, new drawing tools, and other UI features that will make creating FinTech applications much easier!

Read the full release note

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Omar Urbano | Software Engineer & Technical Writer
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