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Releasing LightningChart JS v.5.2

As you've seen in my previous data visualization tutorials, I have used the XY series to create charts like a multi-direction dashboard or a scatter chart.

Well, the good news is that LightningChart JS v.5.2 is out now and includes features that focus on improving the XY series, which I will use in our future tutorials.

Other features included in this release are new chart types and options for creating better-looking custom themes for your applications.

Here's a brief:

Stacked Axes


Stacked Axes are a new API that allows stacking any number of X or Y axes on top of each other (ideal for using it in many channels on top of a shared Time Axis)

New XY Series


The new XY series adds:

  • Performance upgrades to loading speed, maximum data capacity, memory consumption efficiency, and interactivity.
  • New APIs (plugging data efficiently, editing data, reading back data, etc.)
  • New series types and improved user experience

Treemap Charts


  • For visualizing hierarchical data within nested rectangles.

Textured Point Series

LCJS v.5.2 allows custom icons to be used as a Point Shape:


Better custom themes:

If I haven't mentioned before, you can create your own themes with the LCJS Themes Generator UI. And these custom themes now support gradient effects.

LCJS Themes Generator UI

LightningChart JS v.5.2

This was a brief review of LCJS v.5.2 most important features, you can check the full release note here.

For current and future tutorials, you'll need access to LCJS and the license is free. You can get a LightningChart JS license here.

Written by:
Omar Urbano | Software Engineer & Technical Writer
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