re: Do you use time-tracking for work or for your personal time? VIEW POST

re: I am in the early stages of building a solution for this problem for tracking time TimeLync. I hadn't thought of some of the items listed such as...

Good luck with your project! Simplicity is really important and lacking in many apps (not only time tracking ones but in general).
As for the "wasted time", I think the name is not perfect (though maybe ok in the work context). "Wasted" time is usually spent resting or miscellaneous tasks which is needed, so that time is not really wasted in my opinion.


Great points. Definitely taking all of this into consideration. Maybe user defined time buckets would be nice to separate these time categories simply 🤔

Hi Andrew, I'm working on a time tracker too. I think our products could partner. Please email me if you would like to talk shop. hello@yadafaber.com

Sounds great! I'm in the middle of a relocation but I'll reach out soon.

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