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Creating a CTA Button


For my IST402 class, we were tasked to create Call to Action (CTA) buttons. I myself have never worked with HTML or CSS prior to the class, and have minimal JS knowledge.
That has been the biggest hump for me to get over as I have to learn HTML and CSS basics while learning more advanced techniques at the same time. The CTA Button is also a brand new concept to both myself and my partner. There is a lot to learn for both of us and trying to adapt has been our biggest challenge


Despite these challenges, we have managed to create the base of a functioning CTA button. It is very basic, but as we continue to learn we keep adding more intricate/advanced pieces to the button. Hopefully by the end of the project we've expanded our skill set to make a presentable and well functioning CTA button.

Here's our repo so you can track our progress as we learn more and more.

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