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Tips para WebStorm

Tips para programar con WebStorm.

En el sitio web de intellij idea se encuentra una guía con tips para el uso del editor webstorm, se basan en las características de la aplicación y te ayudarán a ser más productivo al momento de escribir código.

Otras guías:


JetBrains Guide

The JetBrains Guide is a collection of resources for learning JetBrains IDEs Similar to an "Awesome PyCharm" but richer in content and formatting. The Guide is intended as an open source project.


  • Content as markdown files in a repository

  • Rendered to a semi-static site using Gatsby

  • Available as open source


Note: As of April 2020, you need NodeJS 12. Later versions (14, etc.) won't work.

To setup a local development copy of this project, follow the steps below.

If you prefer Docker, then see the Docker section below.

  • Clone this repo and cd to the directory
  • yarn
  • yarn run pc:develop (or yarn run go:develop)
  • Start authoring
  • Connect to http://localhost:8000/

Using Docker

This project supports Docker containers as well. To use it, perform the following steps:

  • Clone this repository
  • Open it with any JetBrains IDE
  • Use the GoLand Guide or PyCharm Guide run configurations

This will…

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