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Node-red Prelude. Blind inception


The hidden inception of a big trouble. Skip if you already know about node-red or don't wanna read simple things.

It's my debut on the and I wanna tell a story about an IoT on the node-red. I discover interesting things overall about it and want to share exp. It's a prelude article, don't worry, the second one will be more exciting.

These are overall thoughts about the node-red like a platform to derive IoT and not even IoT things further.


Firstly you must have knowledge of JS and maybe about JS infrastructure. And a little bit with IoT, might not, but why are u there?
... knowledge of the NodeJS

JS concerns are like...

JS triangle


The main idea of node-red is to allow devs to write some functions to deliver something from the first to the endpoint. It might be something from the IoT world or you can use it as a platform for proceeding data from one to another place. But never mind it's a platform with a certain path, from 1 dot to another. Or you can use it like a tracker or reflector for some events, whatever you want.


Umm, there are a lot of tools for automating workflow, like n8n, noflo or AWS IoT for IoT targetly. Worth noting Total JS like a good alternative for it.


I worked with flowforge, but now it's called flowfuse also if you're interested in forks for node-red, pay attention to fork, it's opal fork of node-red


It's the simplest way to deliver your code, data, some files, or even creds or secret things to the cloud or on the device. It has a huge infrastructure, not as React :c, but great too.


There are a lot of different protocols to work with different types of devices, a couple of packages to work with UI side, yeah, UI side under the workflow app 🙄, a lot of pckgs to work with time, like sun events or cronjobs, integration with most of the databases like MongoDB, FluxDB, MySQL or even Redis, whatever, a lot of packages to work with cycles, countdowns and also it includes simple ways to archive, work with I\O operation (that important with NodeJS) and more, more other things.

A couple of words about flowfuse, this one would be used for better managing node-red, like doing snapshots, uploading it on the devices, and more things like this. Also, it includes user management, roles, accessibility, etc.


It's an absolute lightweight thing, but about the dark side of the Moon we will talk in the next article 😋.


If you are a dev with no experience with this technology, just try it. If you want to practice with IoT at home, just try it. If you know about the pros and cons, why are u there 🧐, ...just use it.

Further dive...

The delivery is absolutely incredible, but you just need to know about, hm, at least a couple of concerns to use it in the production way, ...and it will be a theme of the next article.

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