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The comprehensive solution to outsourcing software development in 2021

Outsourcing is the process of contracting with an external agency to obtain benefits such as cost savings, increased technical expertise, and improved work quality. In 2021, outsourcing software development will grow at a breakneck pace.

In today's global environment, many businesses are looking to outsource software development to an offshore software company. Given the industry's dynamic nature and expanding market size, the number of offshore software companies is rapidly growing.

Outsourcing has been successful for businesses in Canada, the United States of America, and various Asian and European countries because it enables them to provide high-quality software outsourcing services while leveraging their rapidly growing IT infrastructure.

Additionally, effective risk management, business scalability, space availability, and a scarcity of talented engineers are all reasons to outsource software development.

As demand for software development outsourcing increases, many developed countries look for offshore software companies in countries with lower labor costs and more IT experts.

Given the rapid advancement of advanced technology, market status, and pandemics, the IT service industry is in greater demand. Coding, mobile application development, website design, and software support are examples of offshore software development services.

India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Dubai, Latin America, China, and Ukraine. We have a pool of talented IT engineers who provide offshore software development services to the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

1. What exactly is offshore software development?

Offshore software development is the practice of outsourcing software development to a third-party company located in a country other than the hiring company's headquarters. For instance, a London-based company outsourced its company website to an offshore software development company in India.

2. Outsourcing models for software development

Outsourcing services are frequently classified into three model types based on their location:

  • Offshore: The outsourcing company is physically located in a different location than the hiring company. Frequently, the company operates in multiple time zones.
  • Onshore: The outsourcing firm is headquartered in the same country as the hiring firm.
  • Nearshore: The outsourcing firm is located adjacent to the hiring firm. The company's time zone may be identical or slightly different.

There are three primary relationship-based models upon which outsourcing businesses operate:

  • Staff Augmentation: The hiring company employs a software developer in-house and outsources some work to external teams.
  • Managed and Dedicated Team: An organized and dedicated team consists of a project manager, a software development leader, and their team members. To complete the project, each member divides the work and utilizes agile augmentation.
  • Project-based: Each project is completed by a dedicated team from start to finish.

3. The advantages of contracting out software development services

Outsourcing has gradually become a critical component of start-ups, small, medium-sized, and even large businesses. There are numerous reasons why businesses may choose to outsource their software development needs, including the following:


Cost control is a primary reason for outsourcing software development. The business can obtain the services it requires without incurring the high cost of hiring full-time in-house experts.

For example, if a start-up company hires an in-house software developer, the TCE (total cost of engagement) will include the developer's salary, taxes, and other benefits. However, by outsourcing software development, the start-up company saves TCE rather than investing in the business.

Access to a world-class talent pool of highly skilled software developers

Outsourcing software development enables you to tap into the global market and recruit highly qualified engineers. Software outsourcing services provide you with access to an excellent pool of highly skilled top software developers located throughout the world.

You can select a single service to be completed by an individual developer or a team of developers. There are dedicated website designers, mobile application developers, and DevOps specialists, among others.

As mentioned previously, working with the best software developer will save you money and increase your company's efficiency by allowing you to work with a variety of professionals without having to hire a full-time software developer.

Reduced time required for development

In today's fast-paced world, delaying work can result in the loss of potential clients. Outsourcing software development expertise can help you save time on development because professionals are accustomed to working on a tight schedule while still providing high-quality work.

Most companies rush to accelerate their market entry and frequently compromise on the quality of work due to a lack of developers to brainstorm the work or be overburdened with other company internal work.

A dedicated software outsourcing services team can assist the business in optimizing its workload, developing a custom software solution, and establishing a detailed blueprint for accelerating work and decreasing development time.

High-quality software application

Along with access to a pool of IT experts, an offshore software company has a team of professionals who utilize high-quality software tools and deliver out-of-the-box projects.

Companies such as Netflix, Google, Amazon, and Walmart, among others, leveraged the offshore software company's software expert team to deliver the best software accessibility.

Reduced risk

Together with the aforementioned benefits, outsourcing software development is an excellent way to mitigate risk.

When a business's employees are already juggling multiple projects, it may be necessary to invest in various marketing techniques to increase scalability. It may result in overtime work, which may affect the quality of the work.

Outsourcing software development teams enables businesses to leverage the outsource team's operational capacity and mitigate potential risk.

4. On-demand offshore software development services in 2021

Software services include the development, programming, testing, and maintenance of software and applications. In today's advanced, technologically savvy world, it is critical to present cutting-edge software development services to attract a larger audience.

Numerous software development services are available; we've compiled a list of the top five on-demand services for 2021.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the Internet of Things

AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers to a machine's or computer's ability to simulate the human mind. Artificial intelligence (AI) has supplanted human intelligence and evolved through machine learning to perform human-like tasks.

Every industry, including health care, finance, banking, retail, manufacturing, and education, has a high demand for artificial intelligence capabilities. AI enables businesses to expand cost-effectively and increases revenue by up to 40%.

The advantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence) include the following:

  1. The use of chatbots powered by AI technology enables businesses to respond to customer inquiries 24 hours a day. It contributes to the enhancement of the customer experience.
  2. In conjunction with machine learning technology, AI assists in the analysis of data, the generation of predictive models and algorithms, and the prediction of future sales.
  3. Businesses can use AI technology to automate repetitive tasks such as sending thank-you emails or verifying certain documents.

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) (Virtual Reality)

AR/VR are two of the hottest trends in technology right now. Demand for AR and VR developers is increasing in software outsourcing services.

Through the lens of a mobile device or a computer, augmented reality (AR) enables humans to experience real-world events. For example, the 2016 game Pokemon Go allows players to interact with the characters in the real world.

Virtual Reality (VR) utilizes computer technology to create simulated environments. For example, video games that incorporate virtual reality headsets enable players to experience a game in which virtual elements are integrated into the user's real-world view via the headset.

The advantages of augmented and virtual reality technology include the following:

They are assisting industries with emergency preparedness training. For example, airport managers use virtual reality technology to conduct training for shooting emergencies at the airport.

The equipment used in augmented and virtual reality technology increased the efficacy of learning materials and decreased the cost of training.

AR and VR technologies aid in the development of technical skills across a variety of industries.

Services on the Blockchain

In 2021, blockchain technology is expected to grow at a breakneck pace, and by 2024, the market for blockchain solutions is expected to reach $18 billion. Data and information are the lifeblood of business. Every business's primary objective is to obtain timely and accurate information.

Blockchain technology is a highly encrypted, immutable ledger that stores data and enables businesses to track their assets securely. The services are only accessible to authorized members.

Benefits of blockchain services include the following:

  1. In comparison to other platforms, blockchain was developed using a more advanced technology system.
  2. A blockchain's data is immutable and permanent. As a result, once data has been saved, it cannot be modified.
  3. Blockchain technology is a decentralized system that tracks activity in real-time, reducing the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

Computing in the Cloud

Cloud computing is a popular offshore software development service that is frequently requisitioned. Numerous industries, as well as government organizations, utilize cloud computing for data storage.

The cloud computing market is expected to reach approximately $362 billion by 2022. This statistic indicates that cloud computing is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The advantages of cloud computing include the following:

  1. Cost savings associated with a large and expensive hardware device.
  2. Cloud computing provides a large storage capacity at a low cost and utilizes the highest level of encryption to ensure the data's security.
  3. Cloud computing provides a more rapid deployment system that enables data to be saved quickly and accessed from anywhere in the world.

UX/UX Design

Although the terms UI and UX are frequently used interchangeably, they serve distinct functions in technology.

UI design, or user interface design, is concerned with the appearance and layout of the software. By contrast, UX design refers to User Experience Design and is concerned with the software's functionality and how users interact with it.

The UI designer ensures that the designed page is visually appealing, while the UX designer ensures that the designed page makes sense to the user and follows a logical flow.

The advantages of outsourcing UI/UX design include the following:

  1. A well-designed user experience contributes to the promotion of SEO rankings and provides a positive user experience.
  2. UI/UX design assists in reducing future troubleshooting and ensures proper user behavior from the start.
  3. A well-designed website or mobile application increases customer retention, which results in increased productivity.

5. How do I choose an offshore software development firm?

Communication Efficacy

It is critical to communicate effectively with the partner company. It is preferable to work with a company that speaks a common language, such as English. A communication breakdown can wreak havoc on the project and cause it to be delayed.


Throughout the development cycle, the hiring company's workflow should align with yours.

Having a highly-skilled software engineering team
The offshore software development company provides you with access to the world's best IT engineers. Utilize their innovative ideas to develop the best software project for your business.

Companies with a superior experience

Always verify the company's quality experience before selecting an offshore software company. Consult their previous references and clients; this will give you an idea of their workflow and work quality.

Offering a comprehensive range of services

It is preferable to work with an offshore software development company that provides a comprehensive range of services. There are numerous software development services available that may be interconnected and may not require at the moment but wish to add in the future.

Thus, rather than hiring another software developer, you can request add-on services from the same company. Bulk services are generally less expensive than individual services.


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Now it is difficult to stand out in such a competitive market. Such companies provide custom software development services, but many others do. All that can make them stand out is a good portfolio and product quality, price, approach, or targeting a specific niche.

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