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Five Questions to Assemble Before Hiring a Custom Software Development Company

Coronavirus (COVID-19) profoundly affects businesses, compelling them to rethink their priorities and plans. While the precise impact and future response to this global pandemic are unknown, one thing is sure: there will be a renewed emphasis on digitalization and automation. Businesses will develop new software that enables them to increase productivity with fewer employees, collaborate remotely, and digitally transform their offerings.

As speed becomes critical in these trying times, businesses will look for software development outsourcing partners who can assist them in rapidly developing high-quality software at a lower cost. A software development outsourcing partner provides numerous critical benefits. However, selecting the appropriate software outsourcing provider is crucial, as choosing the wrong one can be extremely risky at this point.

When selecting a business partner, there are several common questions to ask. Typically, these inquiries center on the company's experience, capability, and credibility. However, amid this health and economic crisis, when business is not, as usual, you'll want to double-check a few additional items.

The following are five critical questions to ask your software development company:

  • What level of technical expertise do you possess?
  • How do you develop software?
  • Where is your development team going to be based?
  • How will you assist me following delivery?
  • Do you have a contingency plan in place?

1. What level of technical expertise do you possess?

The question takes on added significance during these trying times, as you focus on resolving immediate business issues while also looking for long-term benefits. You're interested in working with a company that possesses authority and capability in emerging technologies such as robotic process automation and data science, among others. A firm with experience developing new technologies can assist you in broadening the scope of innovation in your project and enhancing the capabilities of the software you intend to build.

2. How do you develop software?

Inquire about the development process of your prospective software development partner. You'd want to work with a company that not only delivers quickly but also has a low failure rate. Usually, there are numerous meetings and discussions before initiating the project. However, travel will be restricted, and many people will work from home. Examine the company's approach to a project and its current plans.

3. What will be the location of your development team?

A software development company typically operates on three models: onshore (within your region), offshore (within your area), and nearshore (located close to your part). Software development outsourcing has advanced significantly in recent years to accommodate cultural and time zone differences. However, in the current environment of uncertainty, you would want to keep your options open and work with a company that supports all three delivery models so that you can switch between them if the need arises.

4. How will you assist me following delivery?

Post-delivery support is required for all software projects. You'll need this even more in these uncertain times, when bug fixes, staff training, and other ongoing maintenance are required. Determine whether your prospective development partner is prepared to assist you with post-delivery support and how they intend to do so under the new order.

5. Do you have a contingency plan in place?

What if, as some experts have warned, a second coronavirus wave occurs? What is the contingency plan? While established providers' software development processes are typically capable of accommodating changes in project requirements and client objectives, there may be a few things that we are all experiencing for the first time. Thus, what would occur in such a scenario? Inquire your prospective partner how adaptable they are and their strategy for adjusting to new circumstances.

By partnering with the right software development outsourcing company, you can expedite normalcy in your business operations while also gaining a competitive edge. At Relia Software, we constantly monitor changes in the business world and develop new capabilities to assist businesses in weathering the current crisis. You can visit our page to learn more about our expertise in software development.

If you're considering a software project or seeking expert advice on your most pressing issues, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at, and we'll schedule a call with one of our experts as soon as possible.

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