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What I learned from CREATIVITY, PIXAR Director's Book

This is indeed an amazing book! I have enjoyed reading every single page!

Many topics such as:

  • How Computer Graphics got its beginnings and evolution
  • How technology and art can co-exists
  • How it is like going from a research team to build a company
  • How PIXAR started (and where the name comes from)
  • How to handle honesty <> candor! Importance of feedback
  • Creating a workspace that inspire for creativity
  • Involving your thousands employees into important decisions from the company
  • Not loosing the company’s culture even if you were bought (Disney bought it)
  • The importance about the tech people “building up” the movie getting involve into the whole process of development of the movie’s “story”


  • Never lower your quality and excellence! (this was greeatly explained when they faced the challenge to come up with Toy Story 2, for example)

  • Team work! Really important… build a great team! and people > ideas
    “give an idea to a mediocre team, they will destroy it; give any idea to a brilliant team and they will surprise you”

and yeah… overall how to deal with Steve Jobs 🤓

Psss The name “Pixar” comes from a combination of “radar” and “pixer,” a made-up Spanish word.

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Clint • Edited

This is a really interesting book that is worth reading for many creative professionals. It's much better than the books that are required for me in college or the so-called motivational books. We studied The Other Wes Moore and I didn't like the story at all, I didn't understand much there. However, I had to write an essay with my own thoughts on the morals and ideas of this book. I used to write this work, because I wrote only 1 page on my own, which is not even half the minimum amount of the task. I am very glad that I found this resource and was able to perform this task, although not without the help of others.

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Very interesting book. After your response, I really wanted to read it too.
Thank you very much for sharing your experience!

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I am also interested in reading this book now! I also recommend reading Ilona Mask's autobiographical book. I am also interested in what fiction you read and what can you recommend?

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leslysandra Author

thanks for recommendation! I like biographies, productivity books :)
Atomic Habits is a good one!