Red for hopeless programmers - Part I

lepinekong on November 07, 2017

Part II is available. So you wanna learn to code ? You tried hard to tackle C++, C#, Java or even Python or Javascript but soon realise you stil... [Read Full]
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Nice, never would have thought I'm going to learn a new language today :D


COLLECT/KEEP is a nice way to manage multiple appends without even using additional words:

view collect [
    keep [text "stock symbol:"]
    keep [field]
    keep [return]
    keep [text "start date:"]
    keep [field]
    keep [return]
    keep [text "end date:"]
    keep [field]
    keep [return]
    keep [button "OK"]

Very cool, thanks lepinkong :-)

Steps 1, 2, 3, can even be done all in one line.


You're welcome. Yes you're right and it's almost plain english :)


"If you like this tutorial, I may start part II soon :)"

I like it, so go ahead with part 2 =)


Love this red language. I'm waiting for part iv where I can learn to automate windows apps with red. Currently i use Autohotkey.

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