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Do you want to make fantastic progress in learning how to code ? Use Deming PDSA continuous improvement process

You may have heard of PDCA but actually it's wrong and exported by ignorant consultants (I've been coached by a close friend of Deming that's how I know) : the genuine Deming wheel for continuous improvement for both Quality and Productivity is Deming PDSA for Plan, Do, STUDY, Adjust. It's not about Quality Control like PDCA (C for Check) which made Deming angry because he taught Japanese after WWII the genuine one and they thanked him but outside of Quality field over there nobody really knows what it is about.

It's about learning in a scientific way by using a spiral of 4 phases :

  • P for Plan (in Design sense not in Microsoft Project sense ;))
  • D for Do (implementation)
  • S for Study (experiment)
  • A for Adjust (retrospective)

I wanted a tool first for myself to be able to apply this process easily so that I can capitalize on my learning without forgetting everything a few months later because I have to switch to another subject before going back. For example I remember a travel to Cambodia when I wanted to mount a local apache server with multiple virtual domains hosting, I even downloaded documentation for offline, I did it once a few years ago but I couldn't make it work again. It was so frustating.

Also I don't want to lose time writing all technical details in a blog post on every subject I would learn, I wanted a quick way and that is code as explained in previous post but it's not just about the tool, it's also about the process.

After 2 years of experimentation, a lot of headaches, I'm now starting to eat my own dog food as I implemented it and still am implementing as a figma plugin (maybe it could be some other platforms in the future) which has grown to a huge code base of about 25000 lines of pure javascript (I didn't even use any framework though I intend to choose Svelte later on with the idea of being able to switch between react and svelte or any other, that is also part of my goals with this tool).

So here's a little glimpse of what I'm talking about : I'm currently working on diagram named grafcet (more on that in a future post but roughly it's kind of mix between flowchart and state machine) and for links specific to this tool I couldn't find another plugin that could do the job well enough. I will explain much more thoroughly later on, this is an overview of study phase of PDSA above : as you could see I can make a journal of some parts with color to show iterations so that I could explain to others or to myself in the future (which I intend to do be patient there are also tools building to facilitate that)

Happy watch and keep learning !

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