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Thanks for the link, I agree learning in public is a great thing (I have done it years ago in kind of parallel life of my IT profession as it was I learned because I was angry been scammed by a company and in the end I beated a professional analyst at his own competition so he recruited me :))... but maybe not for every personality at least at beginning stage so I agree with Marie Lou Papazian CEO of the amazing TUMO coding school when she said at a conference in Paris I attended (I shoot the photo at this very moment because it stroke me as the first time I heard that from somebody) about allowing some "ALONE time":

I mean not everybody is alike and I'm really for as much inclusiveness as possible because that what would make a great economy... like Deming - I was coached by a close Deming's friend that's why I know this because it isn't well known - did for Japan after WWII and then Singapore who inspired from their astonishing curve :)
Deming for Education
But something that I really like in "learning in public" is teaching to others because as Russel Ackoff - - yet another Deming's friend - who said that Teaching is actually the best way to ... Learn :)
Yep I'm very accustomed to do System Thinking like Deming and Russell Ackoff so sorry if I may sound awkard but that's the reason why: I tend to always relate details to global :)
Education and System Thinking