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sure. i think too many acronyms can hurt your cause rather than help it. and some people can be very closed minded. I think one thing that works very well is just encouraging more people to learn in public. not everyone has to do it, but the more people that do it, the more chance programmers will see one of their peers do well because of it, and that will encourage them in their own journey.

its a competitive thing too. I like to quote Nathan Barry here:

The difference between you and the popular author is the same as the difference between Chris and I back in 2007. He put the effort in to teach people whatever he could, while I continued building websites, not sharing what I learned. Rather than complaining about someone else’s success, I’ve been changing my methods over the last year. I now share and teach whatever I can and you should too.

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lepinekong • Edited on

Thanks for the link, I agree learning in public is a great thing (I have done it years ago in kind of parallel life of my IT profession as it was I learned because I was angry been scammed by a company and in the end I beated a professional analyst at his own competition so he recruited me :))... but maybe not for every personality at least at beginning stage so I agree with Marie Lou Papazian CEO of the amazing TUMO coding school when she said at a conference in Paris I attended (I shoot the photo at this very moment because it stroke me as the first time I heard that from somebody) about allowing some "ALONE time":

I mean not everybody is alike and I'm really for as much inclusiveness as possible because that what would make a great economy... like Deming - I was coached by a close Deming's friend that's why I know this because it isn't well known - did for Japan after WWII and then Singapore who inspired from their astonishing curve :)
Deming for Education
But something that I really like in "learning in public" is teaching to others because as Russel Ackoff - - yet another Deming's friend - who said that Teaching is actually the best way to ... Learn :)
Yep I'm very accustomed to do System Thinking like Deming and Russell Ackoff so sorry if I may sound awkard but that's the reason why: I tend to always relate details to global :)
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