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React Workshop - free online workshop by SCS Concordia

Join us next week for a React workshop by SCS Concordia (Montreal) in collaboration with Autodesk!

This workshop will cover concepts, examples, and exercises to help you build the UI for your next project. React is a frontend Javascript library that allows you to build interactive UIs.

Registration: Workshop happening at November 5 (Thursday) 17:30 EST

Sign up through Facebook events:

or sign up directly through this Google Form:


Talk topics include but are not limited to:

✅ What React is and what you can do with it
✅ Modern Javascript (ES6) syntax and tricks
✅ Writing JSX and rendering elements to HTML
✅ Building components, composition and splitting
✅ Displaying lists of item objects using components
✅ Understanding React data flow with props and state
✅ Using Hooks in function components
✅ Adding interactivity with HTML inputs, forms and event-handling
Fetching data from public APIs
✅ Building a project while thinking in React


react workshop preview 1

react workshop preview 2

react workshop preview 3

react workshop preview 4

react workshop preview 5

react workshop preview 6

react workshop preview 7

react workshop preview 8

This is an online event that will be conducted live on YouTube. The link will be provided prior to the event, so make sure you subscribe!

See you there! 🤓
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