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Node Workshop part 2 - free online workshop by SCS Concordia

lennythedev profile image Lenmor Ld ・2 min read

Come learn about web technologies at second installment of the Node.js workshop!

This workshop will cover code and concepts to help you build a solid foundation for your next web project!

Registration: Workshop happening at August 27 (Thursday) 17:30 EST

Sign up through Facebook events:

or sign up directly through this Google Form:


This is part 2 of the previous Node Workshop, the content will continue where we left off on part 1:

Discussed in Part 1
✅ use Node and Express to build a web server and REST API
✅ understand routing, request and response
✅ implement CRUD with HTTP methods

Recording of Part 1:

Will be discussed in Part 2
🔲 build a server-rendered website using templates
🔲 connect to a Cloud NoSQL database: MongoDB Atlas DB
🔲 user authentication with sessions, cookies and tokens
🔲 using external APIs, such as Github Jobs, Giphy, Spotify and more!


Here's a quick preview of the content, including a review of part 1 if you missed it:

Workshop preview in Google slides



CRUD pages preview

CRUD pages challenges

login and logout

authentication general flow

one-time hash

session-based auth

token-based auth


using public APIs

Spotify API

*Note: This is an online event that will be conducted live on YouTube. The link will be provided prior to the event, so make sure you sign up!

See you there! 🤓
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