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Lee Wynne
Lee Wynne

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I remember understanding < 5% of the Dev homefeed, now I understand most of what I see. Bravo Dev 👏 Bravo!

I love this community, I hope that there are others here that have had the same experience as me. If so, please let me know in the comments 🫠

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Michael Tharrington

Woot! This is a group effort no doubt, but special props go to @jeremyf for being the major force behind this effort to demystify the feed happenings and tweak our different weights to provide the best content we can!

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Jeremy Friesen

If you're wanting to know even more, I encourage you to look at the following:

It dives super deep into how the feed is now built. And the feed is much more auditable, although we are running experiments to find best fit for folks. At present we aren't "bubbling up" the variant that an individual is getting, but you can absolutely inspect the algorithm to see why something might be more relevant than other things.