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Introduction to Refine

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What is Refine?

Refine is a React Framework that makes it really easy to create CRUD Applications

Why should you use refine?

  • Really easy to setup
  • Blazing fast to create an application
  • Supports a ton of data providers
  • SSR Support


Refine supports a lot of integrations:

UI Frameworks/Libraries: AntUI, MaterialUI, MantineUI
Data Providers: Supabase, Appwrite, Any REST API, Any GraphQL API, Hasura, Firebase, etc..
Frameworks: Next.js, Remix
Live Providers: Ably

You can checkout all the integrations they support right here

Setting Up Requirements for Refine

Refine Requires:

  • Node 16.x
  • NPM 8.x

You can download Node.js from


This ends this blog right here!

In the next blog of the refine series, We will be creating a app with refine using a UI Framework

Lastly, Don't forget to Leave a LIKE and key in your feedback in the comments!

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