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Quickstart to Amplication

Introduction to Amplication

Have you ever wanted to not have to repeatedly code Node.js Backends?
Did you want a Low-code Platform to do that?
Well, Amplication does exactly that!

Instantly Generate:

  • GraphQL APIs,
  • Microservices,
  • REST APIs,
  • Authentication,
  • Authorization,
  • Admin UI

Amplication is a flexible open-source Node.js app development platform. It helps you build production-ready Node.js backend without wasting time on repetitive coding.

Amplication Features

What do you get from Amplication

Setting Up Amplication


  • Docker
  • Node.js
  • NPM
  • Github Account

Login to Amplication by Github

Starter backend Config

Select these configurations for your starter Project

Order management is a sample app by Amplication that contains some entities on creation.

Once you create your service you should see this:

Image description

Amplication uses some popular technologies as you can see

Next click the amplication logo to get directed to the home page.

So there's 4 components Workspace, Project, Service, Message Broker

Service is basically what you created so you can create that multiple times in a project

You can create a project to store multiple services

Now, we need to link a github repo to our project so we go into Project Settings -> Github and Authorize your github account, nextly link it!
(Note: Do not keep the repo empty)

After that, Let's merge our starter service into the Github repo,
In the right side of your screen, Press the commit changes button, A PR should generate in your repo!

Approve the PR, and the service should be in your github repo! There will be 2 folders: server & admin-ui

You can then download the github repo, and you can follow the in the server to set it up!

Video Version:


Amplication helps you create Node.js backends really easily

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