How to start learning AI

leandrogs profile image Leandro Gomes ・1 min read


These days I have been thinking about learning AI. Maybe even get a master degree in this area.

So... My question is how to learn AI? Should I start reading books about? Should I learn algorithms first?

What are your suggestions?


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I'm currently enrolled in a AI course (within computer science bachelor's) and we are following the book "A Modern Approach" by Russell and Norvig.
It's a very well structured book and even better written - everything is explained and makes little to no assumptions about previous knowledge. As it is based only on pseudo-code not even programming skills are required, tho it will help a lot.

I have been diving into Search Algorithms based on Logic and have implemented them in Python and tried to implement different problem-formulations for the N-Queens-Puzzle, if you are interested see my last post and give your thoughts!

Who knows, maybe you'll love it as well!
Have fun, friend


I'm studying computer engineering and in the AI main subject we also used A Modern Approach book, as Diogo pointed, it's quite remarkable for the beginning. Apart from that, not like technical, but as a motivation, you could do a little research into Turing's work (such as Computer Machinery and Intelligence) or something like that. AI is not my main branch, but I surely liked the subjects, I hope you have fun!


Maybe you'd like to try Microsoft Academy's Data Science Track!