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Unleash the Power of Security with GraphQL Protect: Fortifying Your GraphQL APIs

In the dynamic landscape of customer facing development, GraphQL has proven its place as a powerful query language for APIs, providing developers with flexibility and efficiency. However, as the popularity of GraphQL continues to rise, so does the importance of securing your APIs against potential threats.

Enter GraphQL Protect, a robust security sidecar designed to fortify your GraphQL APIs and ensure airtight protection against common vulnerabilities.

🚀 Why GraphQL Protect?

GraphQL is an amazingly powerful technology. Sadly, potential abusers think so too. There are a variety of ways your GraphQL API is vulnerable to abuse, including Denial of Service Attacks, Server Overloading, Brute Force attacks, Heap Overflows and more.

GraphQL Protect helps you maintain a secure, reliable and trustworthy API without needing to worry about the details. Simply run it in front of your existing GraphQL API and thanks to well-defined defaults, you can be protected in a matter of minutes.

🛡️ Security for everyone!

GraphQL Protect is designed with a straightforward goal in mind: Making GraphQL server security dead simple.
Acting as a sidecar to your GraphQL API, GraphQL Protect seamlessly integrates with any GraphQL implementation, no matter your tech stack.

Additionally, dive into detailed configuration options for full control over your security measures. No frills, just solid protection.

🖥️ Getting Started:

Getting started with GraphQL Protect is a breeze. Just fire up the container, direct it to your existing GraphQL API, and ensure that all your traffic flows through GraphQL Protect before reaching your API. It's that straightforward.

docker pull
docker run -p 8080:8080 -v $(pwd)/protect.yml:/app/protect.yml -v $(pwd)/schema.graphql:/app/schema.graphql
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Or check out the run documentation for more information.

📖 Intuitive Configuration

Configuring security measures should be straightforward. GraphQL Protect offers simple and intuitive configuration for each protection, allowing you to tailor security settings to the specific needs of your GraphQL API. With a few lines of code, you can enhance your API's defenses without unnecessary complexity.

✅ Conclusion

As the need for robust security measures in GraphQL APIs becomes increasingly crucial, GraphQL Protect stands out as a reliable and effective solution. By seamlessly running this solution in front of your GraphQL server, you can safeguard your application against a variety of potential threats, ensuring a secure and trustworthy API for your users.

Don't compromise on security – fortify your GraphQL APIs with GraphQL Protect today. Visit the GitHub repository to explore the features, documentation, and community support that make this solution an indispensable tool in your security toolkit.

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